The Younger Child

I feel bad for my little Emmy. I feel bad because she wears all of her older sister’s hand-me-downs. Poor thing doesn’t get a new Christmas dress or new Christmas shoes. The only new thing she’ll wear on Christmas is new tights. Fortunately, at three years old, the sparkles on her sister’s old dress are still shiny enough for her. She doesn’t even realize she is making a sacrifice for our household’s finances. But what about when she is older? I doubt she will be as eager to wear her sister’s cast-offs.

We don’t know much about Jesus’ young life. What was his childhood like? Did he have younger siblings? Did his little brothers wear Jesus’ hand-me-downs? Did they resent walking in Jesus’ old, cast-off, worn out sandals?

What would they think if they realized that today so many of us try, unsuccessfully, to walk in Jesus’ shoes?

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  1. I hear you… I pray that she will see the gift of sharing in it. Thank you Ginny for stopping by my blog to comment… I have been offline the last couple of days and finally catching up. You are a ray of light and in my prayers… I didn't know! Sending you healing light and hugs. Happy Holidays to you and your family!Elizabeth

  2. Yes…I can't seem to walk in His shoes, even for a few minutes.Oh my boys know the handing down of clothes! The third one laughs about not ever having something new…that isn't true, but he did have older brothers clothes a lot.Oh I have to say…I use to smock and I smocked dresses for my friend's girls…just recently I received a picture of her granddaughter wearing one of those smocked dresses I made over 20 years ago…what a blessing to me!!Merry Christmas!!

  3. I know when I adopted my son who had never before truly had anything other than hand-me downs, I told him he would never have to wear used clothing again. He looked me square in the eye and said "who cares?". It took me by surprise and made me laugh. But it also showed me how wise he was. He didn't care at all about new clothes. Just family.In every picture I've seen here, I've only seen little girls who clearly feel loved and are beaming with the most beautiful little spirit.I'd say their parents are doing an exceptional job knowing what's truly important.

  4. Being young, like you said, no worries now because they seem new to her but before you know it that just isn't going to fly! Have a wonderfully blessed Christmas. xoxo

  5. Ethan wears new underwear and socks and everything else is from his older brother. I think Jesus' brothers did recent him. Didn't James – Jesus brother – become christian after the resurrection?

  6. I would imagine Jesus' family had a hard time in some ways with Mary always saying "Why can't you be more like Jesus?" 🙂

  7. I tend to think that Jesus was a pretty normal guy who probably saw through all the petty stuff, into the more important things. Gotta wonder about if he had siblings!

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