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Every so often, I step up onto my soapbox and try to recruit more women for the Army of Women. As a way to build exposure for Army of Women, I’m so pleased that I have been accepted as a Army of Women Supporting Blogger! When I blog about Army of Women, I love to read comments like this one:

This is the first I’m hearing about the Army of Women, and good for Avon for sponsoring it! I have a good friend living in Australia who I am going to forward the info to. She, her sister and her mother have all suffered from breast cancer. Thanks for sharing the link! ~Chris

You can join AOW even if you have never had breast cancer. You should join AOW even if you don’t know anyone who has breast cancer. (You know me, don’t you?) You can even join AOW if you’re A MAN! (Ed, have you joined Army of Women yet?)

The Army of Women recruits participants for various research projects. These studies need healthy women (and men) to help researchers find the CAUSE of breast cancer. Women who have never had breast cancer and who do not have a family history of breast cancer may be compared to women who do have breast cancer, to see what differences there are between all different types of women. This is why YOU SHOULD JOIN! There is no obligation, joining Army of Women is free, and all participation is completely voluntary.

Here’s another awesome comment I received after blogging about AOW:

Great post and I am so happy that you are a survivor. I joined the Army of Women! ~Debby

Read all about the current research projects that are going on now: Current Projects. Maybe, just maybe, you will be able to join a research project that helps us find the cause of breast cancer!

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  1. Thanks…I need to do more research, I have another friend battling this horrible disease…thanks for continuing to sound the trumpet

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