Ten things that distract me

Squirrel Day

January 21st is National Squirrel Appreciation Day.

I know. I can’t believe, either! In honor of squirrels, today’s Tuesday Ten is all about distractions!

10. Squirrels distract me. Yes, they really do. My yard is full of trees and therefore also full of squirrels. They are really fun to watch! I also like to talk to squirrels. Yes, I do. You’ll see an example of me talking to Little Squirrel in the video below:

Watch video here.

9. Ice cream. Late at night, everyone else is in bed except for me. I’m sitting on the couch, reading a good book, and then I think about having a bowl of ice cream. I won’t be able to concentrate on my book until I get up and get that delicious, creamy bowlful! Vanilla is my favorite.

8. My garden. My back yard is covered with snow right now, and it’s very distracting. I stare out the kitchen window, daydreaming about the flower garden I want to plant this spring. This fall, we had our old willow tree cut down, and we have a large bare space to fill. I promised Lily and Emmy we would plant a butterfly garden in that bare space. I think we also need a bench and a birdbath. Don’t you?

7. Big trucks. When I hear a large truck rumbling outside my window, I wonder if it’s the delivery man with a package for me! Usually it is not.

6. Snow. When snow starts falling, I run to the window just like a classroom full of 20 second graders.

5. Twitter. Sometimes I get sucked in. Sometimes I don’t.

4. TV. Right now I’m hooked on watching Breaking In with Christian Slater on Crackle. I mean, c’mon. Christian Slater. Very distracting.

3. Facebook. I don’t know why I check it every 5 minutes. You people are not that interesting.

2. Email. Same thing…why every 5 minutes? It’s an illness I have.

1. A good book. Once I get caught up in a good book, I’m useless. Right now I’m reading The Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay Faye. It’s about the beginnings of the police department in New York City, and it’s so interesting! I’m going to publish this post and go read!

What distracts you?

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Tuesday Ten



5 Things About Vlogging

In a blog long ago (2008) in a server far, far away (blogspot) Mondays were for lists. Monday Lists were the thing to do, and every Monday I linked up with the host blogger. My most popular list was about my grandma. People still find it through search engines and click through to it. I love going back myself to read my list. It brings back good memories of my grandma. However, my lists never:

1. were intellectually sarcastic enough;
2. casually threw in a witty reference to a French philosopher; or
3. included the word m*$%#*f^@#$*# just for the h-e-double-hockey-sticks of it.

So I stopped writing Monday Lists. Those lists, however, got me out into the blogging world and connecting with other bloggers. As I was working on this post yesterday, I realized…I’m writing a list for Monday again! This list is about improving my vlogs, and it’s funny…I actually do not embed any of my vlogs into my post (I’m feeling lazy today). Just click on the links to see them!

1. My husband is right.

Ed is always saying “What?” and tells me that I mumble when I’m trying to tell him something. I always thought he was turning into his father, who can’t hear a word we say. But when I start asking myself on the screen “What?” maybe Ed has a point. And what’s with the way I say “pants”? Is it a Midwest accent? A Chicago accent? I’m not sure, but I’m thinking I need some elocution classes.

2. Glasses or no glasses?

My new glasses sort of hide my eyes. I want to hide my dark circles but show off my blue eyes. I’ll have to experiment with this one.

3. Making a short vlog is hard to do.

When I visit other blogs with videos, I always look at the total playing time and if it’s over 2 minutes, I usually don’t watch it. I try to keep my own vlogs under two minutes, but I tend to babble on and on. My last vlog was over four minutes long, but it was already my 5th try so I just uploaded it anyway.

4. I really do look like my mother.

There’s nothing like watching yourself on video to realize that as much as you deny it, you look like your mother.

5. Kids always make the vlog better.

I recorded my latest vlog when the girls were at school, and it’s just missing something. Their little voices in Impulse Buying really added just what my vlog needed. And when they were little, they were just too cute! Check out Emmy helping me with my first vlog in Treasure Bath. She makes the whole video worth watching!

Have you tried making a vlog? If you have, share the link in your comments! I’d love to see it.