Bad habits, I need to quit you

When I was in college, National Smokeout Day was a big deal. I even had a mini poster of Mr. Spock encouraging people to stop smoking. It said, “Live Long and Prosper.” I’ve never smoked, but I have plenty of other bad habits that I need to stop doing!

I’m a huge procrastinator; this covers a variety of bad habits, including:

1. Putting off washing the dinner pans until the next day,
2. folding clean laundry,
3. and getting rid of junk mail! What if there’s a valuable coupon in that pile that I want to use later?

Procrastination also affects my writing. I’ll sit down to write a blog post, and do these things instead:

4. Check Facebook, scrolling down until I get to a status I’ve seen before,
5. check my email countless times, knowing there will be no new messages,
6. and decide to organize my digital photos. I also go on hunts for things I’m never going to find; I have an urge right now to go look for that Spock poster, but I’m going to get this blog post written first!

Some of my bad habits I picked up when I was a kid. I still:

7. Crack my knuckles,
8. need to clean my room,
9. and leave my bed unmade.

I do have a habit that others may think is bad, but I’m rather proud of it.

10. When I’m reading a good book or an interesting article, I can tune everything else out, even my own kids!

Do you have a habit you’d like to stop doing? Here’s a habit you should do: Stop by our Tuesday Ten hosts’ blogs every Tuesday! Lisa at The Golden Spoons and Rabia from The Lieber Family will be happy to “see” you!

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Ten Fashions of No Return

Why, yes, at some point in my 46 years, I have worn every single one of these fashion mistakes, and hope that they never come back into fashion! If you’ve lived through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, I’m sure you’ve endured these fashions as well.

horse cake

Pictured above is me, on my eighth birthday in 1977, with a version of the Dorothy Hamill haircut. I was a horse crazy girl, and my mom cut that horse for me out from a sheet of chocolate. I loved that cake!

The bowl haircut definitely is on my list of fashion faux pas, along with:

1. Bell bottoms (Boot cut, yes; bell bottoms, NO!)
2. Super skinny jeans with zippers at the ankle, worn with high heels and lacy bobby socks
3. Acid washed denim


Hairstyles are always fun to look at. My fine, blond hair needed a perm to be big, and even then it was hard to plump! I’m a freshman in college up above in 1987, and that was about as big as I could make my hair.

Hair styles
4. Farrah Fawcett feathered hair
5. Dorothy Hamill bowl cut (although her updated version is pretty cute!)
6. Working Girl big hair plastered with AquaNet

melanie griffith
Melanie Griffith had big hair!

7. Long, pointy collars
8. Tight halter tops with itchy elastic from chest to waist
9. Skinny ribbons tied with bows at the neck

10. Freakishly large bug-eye glasses (see my college picture up above!)

Yes, we survived all these bad fashion statements. I wonder what our kids will think is fashionable in the next 20 years? You can be sure there will be plenty of pictures of their fashion faux pas! What fashions do you hope will never come back?

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