Ten Walks I Have Taken

I have walking a lot this spring. By a lot, I mean miles upon miles. At the gym on the treadmill, outside in the cold weather, outside in the hot weather, I have been walking. In April alone, I logged 101 miles! And I haven’t been walking alone. I have dragged my husband and kids along with me! (Well, Ed needs to walk since he’s walking the Avon 39 with me.)

Before I show you the details of my walking, I need to give a huge shout-out to all the people who have been supporting me in my walking. As many of you know, I’m training for the Avon 39 Walk to End Breast Cancer, and I’ll have to walk 39 miles during the first weekend of June. In order to walk, I need to raise $1,800. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve raised over $2,000! How thrilling! Thank you to all my awesome supporters!
Avon 39 Screenshot

My miles include walking:

10. on the treadmill at the gym: 3 miles. This is the most boring place to walk, but it’s the easiest way to fit 3 miles into my afternoon, especially when the weather isn’t cooperating.

9. to work and back: 1 mile. I’ve only walked to work twice, and I should walk more often! However, sometimes I’m in a rush after dropping off my girls at school and I’m afraid I’ll be late, or I want to run errands after work so I’ll need me car. I’m definitely going to try to make walking to work more of a habit!

8. to the River Trails Nature Center: 3.4 miles. In March, the girls and I walked to Maple Syrup Days at the Nature Center. We were able to sample some maple syrup and French Toast sticks, and Lily got a lesson in drilling a hole for a sap spile. The Nature Center is one of our favorite places!

Maple Syrup Spile Driving

7. at Burning Bush Park: 2 miles. This park is by our house, and the girls can play at the playground while I walk around the track. Three times around is one mile, and the most I’ve been able to fit in is six times around.

6. at Moraine Hills State Park: 10 miles. It is amazing to think that a glacier carved out a piece of Illinois and left a lake behind. In Illinois, where we mostly think of flat corn fields and not glaciers.

5. on the Chicago River Bike Trail and the by the Skokie Lagoons: 12.72 miles. This is the longest walk we took. It was a really cold day at the beginning of April. Because it was so cold, however, there weren’t a lot of bike riders on the trail. The hard-core riders go really fast and I get nervous that they will hit one of the girls. When the weather is warmer, we’ll avoid this trail!

Skokie Lagoons
Skokie Lagoons, on the Chicago River Trail.

4. on the Des Plaines River Trail: 6.75 miles. This trail isn’t paved, and is also used by horseback riders. This is right by our house, and we occasionally see horses. While we didn’t run into any horses this time, we saw evidence of beavers, which was very cool. We stopped by the River Trails Nature Center on our way home (which is on the Des Plaines River, by the way) and asked a Forest Preserve Ranger about beavers. He was very informative and loves talking about animals! (We have asked him questions before!)

Forest Preserve 1

3. on the Poplar Creek Bike Trail: 8.84 miles. Those of us who grew up in the suburbs remember going to concerts at the outdoor arena, Poplar Creek. I saw Peter Gabriel during his So tour, and it was thrilling when it started raining while he was singing “Red Rain!” (Fortunately, the real rain didn’t last and the concert went on.) The concert arena is no longer there, but Poplar Creek is actually a real creek with a bike trail! The trail itself is very nice, but part of it is prone to flooding and was under water even though we hadn’t had rain for over a week. We also stumbled onto the Lion Bridge, which was a nice surprise.

Lion Bridge

2. at Independence Grove, 7.5 miles. My brother-in-law met us up there, and he fished with the girls while Ed and I walked with my sister-in-law. The girls have been troopers, but they are getting tired of taking long walks with us! They adore fishing with Uncle Brian, however.

Independence Grove

  1. around Glenview Lake, 5.6 miles. We let the girls bring their bikes this time, and they rode ahead of us and played at the playground. It was a very cool day, but we were also able to get our walking in before the rain came!

Glenview Lake

Phew! That’s a lot of trails! I wonder how many miles I’ll walk in May?

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There are so many things I’m grateful for, and at the top of the list are the people in my life. I’m so grateful to have my family and friends in my life! They are the best! And I have so many other things to be grateful for as well…my list is long! I’m going to try to write a more concise list for a late #TuesdayTen post on gratefulness, however.

10. I’m grateful for my home.

As much as I complain about living in an older home that hasn’t been updated much, I’m so grateful to have a warm house with a furnace that works. I’m grateful to have a new washing machine that doesn’t use as much water to wash our laundry, and an old dryer that works well even after two repair jobs. I’m grateful to have the dishwasher that I didn’t have growing up! (My dad always said we had TWO dishwashers…my sister and me. Ha, ha, Dad.) I love the changes we have been able to make slowly but surely across the years. And I’m grateful that I can dream about the changes we will make in the future, because we have this place to change, this building that we call home.

9. I’m grateful for living in the Midwest.

As much as I complain about snow in November, I love watching the seasons change. I love living by the big lake we hardly ever see, but which affects our weather so much. I love the preserved forests by the rivers and the restored prairies with roaming bison.

Watermarked Fall to Winter

8. I’m grateful for the opportunity to travel.

Ed and I have dragged our daughters all over the country! We’ve gone as far north as Alaska, and south to Florida. We watched for whales and saw humpbacks feeding on krill. We stopped by the warm waters of an electric plant, and saw manatee floating lazily in the sunshine. And we’ve traveled to many points in between!

Junior Rangers
Junior Rangers in Death Valley, CA

7. I’m grateful for music.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to sing in my church choir and to my preschool class. I’m grateful for the musical opportunities for Lily and Emmy, for orchestra and chorus and our piano teacher. I’m grateful for Ed playing the trombone!

first piano recital (2)

6. I’m grateful for my church family.

Every Sunday, as we gather together to worship, I’m so grateful to renew my spirit in both faith and fellowship. Being able to gather together in Christ’s name is indeed a blessing!

5. Did I write up above that I was going to make this list concise? I’m not sure I’m managing conciseness, but I’m grateful the ability to write, for my love of words, for my blog and the chance to share my writing with you! Thank you for reading!

4. I’m so grateful for my job; for the opportunity to teach preschoolers. I love working with those little souls! I’m also so grateful for my co-workers. They make going to work something to look forward to! As part of the bigger picture, I’m so grateful to have a talent for teaching. It is such a gift to be able to do what I do.


3. I’m so grateful for my friends, old and new, and as funny as it is, I’m grateful for Facebook, which helps me stay in touch with my friends! Technology is a blessing, too, isn’t it?

2. At the top of my list is my family, from siblings and parents to aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents, and my in-laws and step-family. And for Ed, my wonderful husband, and my two little girls! I’m so blessed to have a large and loving family!

1. I’m grateful for my faith, a blessing from God, and that by His grace I am saved and will someday be taken up to heaven to live with Him. Alleluia!

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What are you grateful for? (I’m also grateful for the hostesses of Tuesday Ten, Lisa and Rabia!)

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