Treasure Bath!

Look who needs a bath!
Someone was eating a chocolate bunny!

Messes and kids, kids and baths; they go together! Emmy can definitely relate to this book:
The Treasure Bath The Treasure Bath by Dan Andreasen

A little boy is baking with his mother. He gets a little messy during the process, and while the cake is baking, needs to take a bath. He has some adventures under the sea without leaving the bathtub! This is a wordless picture book that Ed and Emmy found this book at the library, and Emmy loves it! Right now it is the most requested book at our house. (Just a note of caution: the little boy is shown with a bare bottom in the bath…while Emmy thinks nothing of this because she is two, I never would have read this book to a classroom full of second graders! They would have laughed way too much!)

Tuesday Tuesday by David Wiesner

This is a great story, also wordless! The illustrations are incredible, and there’s a surprise ending! (Shh…I’m not going to spoil it for you!)

For more information on these two books, watch my first vlog below:

Some things I learned about vlogging:

1. The living room is a bad location for recording a video. Yikes, that glare!

2. There’s a reason everyone uses YouTube. It’s fast, it’s free, and it’s easy. I uploaded this same video to Vimeo, and 24 hours later it’s still “processing.”

3. Never allow your husband to edit your video. He kept the beginning part in, and if I hadn’t gotten to him in time, would’ve included the tushie shot of me at the end!

To read some more reviews of wonderful children’s books, click on Janna’s button below!


Happy Reading!

19 Replies to “Treasure Bath!”

  1. Thank you for the recommendations!I already have Treasure Bath on hold at the library because I know my son will love it!Have a great weekend!

  2. I can see the teacher in you! I bet you are a great one. By the way, congratulations on the win. I read about it on Just Breathe!

  3. Your first Vlog was a great vlog! Good job! I like Ed's comment about your tushie… You have such a wonderful voice. I think you should do children's audio books. And ironically, you were reviewing wordless books! We will check those out (especially Tuesday, that one looks great). You always have great recommendations.

  4. Yay, a vlog and a photo to go with the book!You look great, good job with the vlog! Nice to see and hear you in real life! 🙂

  5. What a neat meme! And I could imagine that a "bare tushie" would be much cause for amusement in any grade school class!

  6. I am sooo proud and honored that you have made your first vlog!I loved seeing your girls and hearing them talk with you. So special! I liked your ideas of going through the book and emphasizing different things.Thank goodness for editing huh? It's been a fun challenge for me.

  7. I love books, especially children's books. I'll have to check these out. Thanks for posting them. Stop by and visit me sometime.Aimeehttp://myhomespunthreads.blogspot.comor

  8. What a sweet way to review the books. When I go to look for books for little ones these will most likely stand out, thank you.

  9. I just came across your blog and am your newest follower. Thanks for all of the great tips and suggestions. Have a great week and drop by my blog for a visit when you have time.~Mary

  10. Great video! Your helpers are too cuteWill be on the lookout for those books next time we're at the library.

  11. Aww, so cute to see you in person and Emmy too! You're both adorable…I've never done a VLOG either, you may have inspired me…

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