Ginny Vs. The Drill

When we moved into our house seven years ago, I was teaching full time. Not long after, I became pregnant. Life was busy, and my decorating skills are minimal, to say the least. I hated the ugly wooden blinds in our kitchen, but I didn’t take the time to change them.

Finally, this fall the blind on the left side broke, and I took it down. The time had come to get new window treatments. But then…life got crazy, again. And again. So the window has been bare for most of the winter. When Lily had a play date and her friend’s mom came over, I was so embarrassed. Her house is perfectly decorated; my house looks like a dump. She has granite counter tops and beautiful kitchen cabinets; my cabinets are original and falling apart. She has shiny hard wood floors; I have old brown apartment-style carpet. The least I could do was have something covering my naked windows!

One blind up, one blind down

My window frames are full of old holes, old spackle that has never been sanded, and are generally a mess. My first task was to fill the holes, sand them, and then paint the patches.

Connect the dots…
Lily picked out the new curtain rod. It had to be fancy, of course.

Fancy is as fancy does.

I procrastinated. I wanted my new curtains up by Easter, but I was afraid of the drill. What if I picked the wrong bit size? What if I drilled in the wrong spot? WHAT IF THE WALL FELL DOWN?

My desire for new curtains finally overcame my drill fears, and yesterday I made the plunge. It was an all day project with interruptions from the girls, (you know, they had to be fed and all that) but I did it!


Next…I’m tackling the dining room windows!


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17 Replies to “Ginny Vs. The Drill”

  1. Looks fantastic – good for you!! It is funny how much more intimidating projects can be in our minds. The real deal seems easy by comparison

  2. I love it! I'm inspired too. I'm getting pretty tired of having to clean my blinds. It is truly horrific how the dust gets in between every single crevice of the blind…ugghh. Thanks for stopping by yesterday and understanding my frustrations. I can so understand yours. Looking forward to visits.

  3. Lovely! Argh, I desperately need to do this in our bedroom. We have the ugliest blinds in there. I kind of love that you were able to go for a while with nothing on your windows. I'm afraid if we did that where we live, we'd be putting on a show for the neighbors!

  4. Good for you! I always question myself too. We should really learn to trust our instincts, huh? You did super!

  5. I am so not handy. I can't tell you how impressed I am that you put up a rod and curtain. I wouldn't even know how to begin. My husband has a drill, but I'm pretty sure I'd be dangerous with a power tool. Not in a good way either.

  6. They look great! I used to be weary of power tools but now I'm the handyman in our house.. always drilling and sawing and installing something. It gets easier after you get over the fear of messing up. There's always more spackle and paint…

  7. "WHAT IF THE WALL FELL DOWN?"…LOL! That is totally me, I am so not miss fix it!The window looks beautiful! You did a great job!

  8. Just found your blog and AMEN to being BCF for 13 YEARS!!! Praise God. I pray you never have to endure that again!!!!!!!Xoxo

  9. Hey Ginny they look great! There is something about window treatments that really warm a space up. It looks really nice and must feel really good that you were able to do it all on your own. Well done! 🙂

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