Whose Spring Break Is It, Anyway?

I woke up this morning, elated that Lily didn’t have to go to preschool today. I was able to have her at home for the entire day! (I don’t even want to THINK about full-day Kindergarten next year….)

We had a great day today, Emmy, Lily and I. Lily started the day thinking she was going to watch TV all day…after all, it was HER Spring Break. I wasn’t a ogre; I let her watch a little. After the day began rolling along, however, TV became a distant memory. Emmy and Lily spent a hour sharing their watercolors and painting away. (I thought I would die–they were getting along so nicely!) We read books together, we relaxed together, and we played games together.

Lily is creating her own game, right on the kitchen floor.

One game involved dozens of pink paper strips that we hid around the house for each other. The one who collected the most strips was the winner. (I have to say, I am a better hider of paper scraps than the girls. Their idea of a good hiding place is dropping the paper on the floor. Even so, I still lost. Hmm.)

I had to tell Ed when he came home that these little white scraps of paper weren’t just random scraps all over the floor. That’s Lily’s usual MO.

This time, Lily wrote down the alphabet, cut the letters out, and scattered them on the floor. (Her version of the alphabet had only 25 letters.) Then, she made the letters into words. She discovered the letter “o” was missing when she tried spelling “love.” “Love” is only one of two words she knows how to spell, the other being her name; therefore, this was a very short game since she wouldn’t allow me to help her spell any words.

The sun was shining, but we didn’t step a foot outside; Ed told me when he got home that it wasn’t that warm, anyway. I figured as much; the dog-walkers who passed by our house were wearing their winter coats.

Tomorrow, Lily’s room needs to be cleaned…my sister is coming to visit, and she will sleep in the spare bed which resides in my messy daughter’s room. Now that will be quite a project!


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