Move Along, Folks…There’s Nuthin’ to See Here

On Friday, we journeyed in our trusty mini-van to the Kingdom of Wisconsin Dells, to the Territory of Wilderness, to swim the Wild Waters of the In Door Water Parks….and I have absolutely no photos to show you.

I had my camera with me, but I just didn’t want to take it by the water. One of my favorite cameras was ruined by a rogue wave in North Carolina one summer, and so I “forgot” to bring my brand new Canon. I’m thinking maybe I should invest in a water-proof case for it, so as to not miss such a great picture-taking opportunity again.

So, I had to take pictures of our watery adventure in my head. Take a look:

Lily swishing down the purple water slide, jumping up at the bottom and running back up to the top at least 20 times. -click*

Emmy sitting on Ed’s lap in an inner tube, as they traverse the Lazy River together. -click*

Ed standing under a tipped-over 1000 gallon bucket, water streaming over him. -click*

Taking pictures like these are the best part of being a parent!

What “pictures” did you take this weekend?


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5 Replies to “Move Along, Folks…There’s Nuthin’ to See Here”

  1. Sometimes the best pictures we take are those that are left to memory. My girlfriend treated my daughter and I to Disney On Ice last week and I just can't believe that I forgot my camera too. I did have my Blackberry and took lots of pictures, but you really have to look good and close to see what is what. That's ok, I've been so Wrapped up in 'stuff' that I have forgotten to sit back and enjoy my children…that is exactly what we did when we went to Disney On Ice…totally enjoy the show, eating popcorn, laughing, and just being with each other. Totally a memory we made. Sounds like you did too this weekend.

  2. A thousand gallon bucket? Please next time take a camera, I would love to see that and see whether the result would be as good as the picture I now have in my head (mind you, Ed looks an awful lot like Matt Damon)…

  3. I so wish we had an indoor water park around here! I know it's warm most of the year but all it takes is a mild breeze and I'm shivering like a wet chihuahua.I routinely forget my camera. On my son's birthday, I actually remembered my Canon but left the memory card in the laptop at home…whoops.Great imaginary photos. 🙂

  4. My son running after his cousins *click*My niece turning four *click*My son trying to hold the deformed hand of a little girl, partly because he was curious, partly because I think he liked her *click*Of course, I also had my camera because I was not near the water and because I am pretty sure the thing is surgically attached to me!

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