Ten Things I Should Say More Often

10 things I should say

This week for Tuesday Ten, Lisa and Rabia challenged us to think of ten things we should say more often, and I have to admit, I had trouble with this one! Here’s what I came up with.

10. “What game do you want to play?” So often I get stuck in “I have to get things done” mode when my daughters are in “We want to play” mode. I need to give in and play with them while they are still little!

9. “It’s okay if you make a mess. We can clean it up together.” Many projects my daughters want to do are messy. But they are also so fun!

8. “Thank you for making the coffee.” My husband makes the coffee every single day. I love him for it!

7. “I need help.” I need to get over my “mommy martyr status” and ask my family to help around the house. My daughters can easily help me load and unload the dishwasher and put away the laundry!

6. “Yes, you can help me.” Sometimes they want to help, but I just want to do it myself because it’s easier! If my daughters learn how to do something, they will do it better next time. For example, I have trouble letting them help me bake. They love to break the eggs and beat them, but it’s so much easier (and less messy) if I do it myself.

5. “No.” Sometimes I just need to say “no” instead of “maybe,” and stick with it. No means no, especially when Emmy wants candy for breakfast.

4. Saying “yes” and then following through. I’ve told my daughters that yes, we could do something, and then I put of off until we never actually do it!

3. “You are awesome.” My kids already know I think they are awesome. But does my husband? I need to say this to him more often. Because he is pretty awesome.

2. “I’m listening.” And then I need to really listen. To my kids, my husband, my sisters…really listen.

1. I say it often, but it always bears repeating: “I love you.”

What things do you want to say more often?

Tuesday Ten is hosted by Lisa from The Golden Spoons and Rabia from The Liebers. Visit their blogs for more Tuesday Ten!

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