Not Sleeping

A shadowy figure appeared at my bedside in the early morning. Ed’s alarm hadn’t even gone off yet, which meant it was early. Really early. Lily whispered, “Can I sleep with you?” and I opened up the covers to let her in. Not only was the time change working against her, but she was super excited about her birthday.

Another shadowy figure crept into the bedroom. Emmy crawled into bed, gave Lily a huge hug and whispered, “Happy Birthday! I love you.”

This mama’s heart just about melted upon hearing that.

I tried to go back to sleep. The girls were quietly drawing letters on each other’s backs with their fingers, trying to guess what her sister was writing.

I was amazed  that they were being so quiet.

I was amazed that they weren’t fighting over the covers, or pushing each other to get more pillow space, or arguing about who got to be next to Mommy, or begging me to get up, get out of bed.

I just lay there, quietly, in the darkness, listening to my little girls get along.

When Ed came out of the bathroom, ready to go to work, I told the girls to get out of bed and say goodbye to him. He normally leaves a sleeping house behind as he backs out of the driveway, but not this time. I soon got up to start the day with my girls. To begin the daily morning routine of making breakfast and lunches and ensuring that everyone has put on clean underwear.

Let’s hope that today will not start quite as early.




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16 Replies to “Not Sleeping”

  1. So happy to have found you from SITS! 🙂 My mornings are always early (5am to send Husband off to work, he's a high school teacher in a different school district) Then I can get ready during quiet time, before it all breaks loose when the 3 kids get up!!

  2. This is so sweet. And the time change has been wreaking havoc in our household too. Although none of my mornings are quite so beautiful as this one was!

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