The Beginning of Lemon Drop Pie

Way back in 2008, I got this crazy idea to start my own blog. In this vlog, I tell you the humble beginnings of Lemon Drop Pie.

View video here.

In my vlog, I mention some bloggers I used to read (I still drop by their blogs occasionally). Dooce was a blog I read daily–Heather Armstrong’s daughter Leta is about the same age as Lily, so she often wrote about the same things I was going through as a first time mom. I also read Finslippy by Alice Bradley. She published a book co-authored by Eden M. Kennedy, who founded NaBloPoMo, which I am in the middle of right now.

Why do you blog? If you don’t have a blog, WHEN are you going to start blogging? 😉 (If I can do it, you can, too!)

EDIT: My sister told me I cut out the part about WHY I was disappointed when I clicked on other blogs…I would be disappointed that there wasn’t a new post! Oops!

ALSO: I’m linking up with Mama Kat’s new Vlogging Workshop. Check it out!


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16 Replies to “The Beginning of Lemon Drop Pie”

  1. I don't know how long I have been blogging. Certainly longer than 7 years, since I think I first started when I first thought about emigrating (and I know that was at least as early as 2005). I started out in Dutch, then moved to English and am still going. I find it quietens me a bit in my head since I don't need to tell everybody and their aunt about the things that happen in my life. I still do, but I don't have to!!

    You're doing great in your NaBloPoMo! Keep it up.
    My recent post Q is for…

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