Flood of 2013

The flood waters are slowly receding, but our sewer problems are still here. My stomach has been tied up in knots over this. We can flush, shower, and run the dishwasher, but laundry is a problem. Think of my sewer line as a slow drain; the water from the washing machine is just too much for the sewer. When we put too much water into our sewer line, we get sewer back-up from the floor drain in my laundry room. I’ve mopped that floor at least 20 times in the past week. Something happened to our pipes during the flood, I think, just enough to get them out of whack. Fixing them will be expensive.

My mind has been on the sewer so much this week that I don’t want to spend any more time writing about it.

Last Sunday, we went exploring to see what the Des Plaines River looks like. Getting across the river has been a challenge; fortunately, I usually stay on the west side of the river. Ed, however, has to cross the river for work, and we go across the river for church. On Sunday morning, several streets were still closed, but local traffic was allowed on this street.

Rand and Ballard

Friends of ours live in the flooded area of Des Plaines, and they are staying with a friend until the river recedes from their basement. They don’t see any reason to try to stay in their house right now; the temperatures have been cold and they wouldn’t have heat or electricity. Besides that, the flood water is full of contaminants. As soon as the water is gone, their clean up begins.

house on Rand
This house is in the same neighborhood as our friend’s house in Des Plaines, IL.

Sunday afternoon, we went to the forest preserve by our house. We saw an awful lot of water.


We had more rain yesterday; it didn’t make the flooding worse, but it didn’t help the current flood situation (or the knots in my stomach). Today was a beautiful, sunny day. Just having the sun shine helps a lot, even though it barely reached 50 degrees. I hope we have more days like this!

As Lily said the other day, “I guess the drought is over!”





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  1. My sister is dealing with the aftermath of a basement that they had finished less than a year ago being flooded over 4 times, the last time with sewage….and they had been on vacation when it flooded the first 3 times. What a mess to come back to. They ripped up all the carpet, have to remove dry wall, check insulation, etc. and they also had to replace a subpump they didn't realize wasn't working properly. They are hoping to have the damage fixed soon, but her and the kiddos went on a road trip to get away while her hubby and some friends and family took care of the rest. I can only imagine how hard it is for her and for you. You will be in my thoughts and prayers!__If you need a distraction, I am having a Spring Fling link-up over on Natural and Free with Jo of Jo, My Gosh! You can link-up any spring-themed post (including this one to remind us all that spring isn't all sunshine sometimes, and that some people struggle and we need to show compassion and pray for them and think outside ourselves) that you want to link-up, and as many as you like. You don't have to, but it may keep your mind distracted for a little while. :)__Take care, my dear friend! *hugs to you*

      1. I haven't heard an update, but I know they said it would take at least a week, and that was nearly a week ago, so hopefully it is almost done. If I was closer (we live over 3 hours away), we'd be helping with the clean up. I know she is sick over it all, especially since they did not know the flooding was such an issue before they moved in.
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  2. When I was young, probably around 1984-85, I worked for State Farm as an insurance adjuster. The Des Plaines overflowed terribly then and I was assigned to "storm duty" for one month. All I handled was flood damage…terrible. Sunny skies ahead through at least Tuesday!
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  3. Wow…so, so sorry. One part of the country under water while the other remains in a drought. I hope you get your house fixed and in order…so sorry…so glad you are okay.

  4. I am so sorry. I can imagine the knots in your stomach. My friend was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy and it took awhile to have all of the usual comforts back and I felt her pain and anxiety so much. Enjoy those hot showers!
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