Toddler Talk

This morning, as I was trying to get a little extra snooze-time, Emmy was in bed with me. She plopped down on my stomach, and said, “Cheeze sti’? Bu’ter?” I’m guessing she was hungry, and cheese sticks and butter must be her favorite foods at the moment. What a combo! Usually she asks for “Cheer O’s, mick, bow, ‘poon!” Did you get all that? Yes, she has to specify that she needs a bowl and spoon to eat her Cheerios and milk! Otherwise, who knows how I might serve her cereal in the morning?

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13 Replies to “Toddler Talk”

  1. Soo cute. At least she will tell you what she wants. Right now when I ask Lane what he wants to eat he says "I want a lotta food" So he gets a little of anything I can think of. He eats most of it!

  2. Hehe, I call it "toddlerese". Funny how I understood Emmy's sayings as you wrote it! Sprite has done that before too. She still slips back into toddlerese here and there, or Sprite Talk when she addresses certain items with her own titles, like she still calls her cup a noah. We don't know why, she calls everyone else's cup a cup, but if it's hers, it's a noah.Recent blog post: RTT: Today is technically my Monday, so I'm not as jazzed about Tuesday. So Tuesday, er, yay.

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