Turning Back Time: A Childhood Book

When I was a little girl, our bedtime routine consisted of story time with Mom and Dad and a cup of milk. The books were a wonderful part of the routine; however, when my mother realized that giving us milk could have given us cavities, she regretted that part of the routine. At the time, she thought she was helping us to have strong teeth and bones, and she was right — we just should have brushed our teeth after drinking the milk!

Sylvester, The Mouse with the Musical EarSylvester, The Mouse with the Musical Ear by Adelaide Holl

My parents valued books and reading so much that when I was in Kindergarten, they took me to a book store and had me pick out a book to give to my class. Thank you to two readers yesterday, Lunch Buckets and Bex, who discovered the title of this book for me! I remember loving this book, and reading it over and over when I went to school. I was so proud that I had given this book to our classroom for my classmates to read as well.

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes (Sandpiper Books)The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes by DuBose Heyward

This book was also at my school, and I pulled it off the shelf time and time again to read. In this book a mother rabbit, much to the surprise of the bigger jackrabbits, has enough courage and heart to become the Easter Bunny. I just loved this story about the mother rabbit and her cute little baby bunnies!

It’s funny that some of my favorite books as a child were books that we didn’t even own. We didn’t have a public library in our small town, and many of the books I read we had on our bookshelves at home. As I was growing up, my parents made sure that our personal library grew as well. My sister and I received books as gifts; we were thrilled to receive books from two different series we loved reading. We collected all the Little House on the Prairie Books. My parents also bought us — one at a time — all the books in the Nancy Drew series.

What were some of your favorite books you read when you were younger? Reply in the comments or write a post about your favorite childhood books and link up below!

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10 Replies to “Turning Back Time: A Childhood Book”

  1. What a gift your parents gave you to instill that love of reading. Mine did the same thing and I am eternally grateful to them.

  2. What a gift! We have shelves of books for all the kids as they have grown, many are old, some are newer. I still love to read them the old classics. The girls love "I'll love you forever" and "guess how much I love you". They loved those and wore them out, now I always get them for new grandchildren.

  3. My favorite book when I was a kid was "Monster at the end of this book". Absolutely loved it and was looked forward to learning to read so I could keep going after Mom or Dad was done with the "only one" repeat. 🙂

  4. What a precious gift from your parents..oh how many things all of us do and then later find out we shouldn't have, one day something is good and the next it isn't…like the milk.What a blessing to have that time each night, I never remember ever being read to in all my life…I have tried to make it a priority with mine, I hope they remember as well as you have.Just asked my 15 year old boy and he said, well I am not sure…UGH!!!! Maybe that is the same with my parents…boys!!!

  5. I'm going to see if my library has those. You always give the best recommendations when it comes to children's books.

    As for adult books… I just had two false starts but finally picked one up that I enjoy. Life is too short and there are too many good books out there to read a bad one all the way through. The book I'm enjoying now is called Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg

  6. Look, I'm finally in! I really love this prompt- it's amazing how books from our childhood resonate with us all of our lives!

  7. My mum encouraged us to read a lot as well (since she hated reading to us most probably) and as soon as I had learned to read I started owning books as well. Quite a few Dutch ones of course, but also the (translated) books by Enid Blyton: the Famous Five and all those books about boarding schools! I loved them and reread them quite often!Another book I read that made quite an impact on me was Mandy by Julie Andrews Edwards (yes, the actress). It made me laugh and cry and a few years ago I finally remembered name and author and bought a copy. It still makes me laugh and cry!

  8. They sound like nice books. I was never read to as a child so I am not much of reader today. I think the milk would have helped with sleeping too. Yes brushing your teeth would have helped.My children (32 & 29) never went to bed with anything other then water.

  9. Oh pooh! My library doesn't have the sylvester the mouse book. But it does have the bunny one. So we requested that one!

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