Starting the Day With a Dance

“Mommy, come quick!” both my daughters cry from the family room. “MOMMY!”

Sometimes I start to get irritated when I hear that call…what could they possibly want at 6:25 in the morning? Can’t they at least let me drink my coffee before they start demanding breakfast?

“MOMMY!” they both yell again. It only takes me a couple of seconds to remember why they are calling me. “CAPTAIN HUGGY FACE IS GOING TO DANCE!”

And so I start dancing along with Captain Huggy Face in the middle of the family room, much to the delight of my little girls. They know I love Captain Huggy Face.

They also know which song on our Vacation Bible School CD is my favorite. “Mom, it’s the shifting sand song!” Emmy will exclaim every time track 2 starts playing. They know that I won’t eat watermelon and I don’t like chocolate shakes.

Just as my daughters know my preferences, I know theirs. Lily loves watermelon, especially when I give her my portion. Emmy like cheese — lots and lots of cheese. I know what they will wear and what they will refuse to wear when it’s time to get dressed in the morning. When I am shopping for their birthday gifts, I know what toys they would love to receive.

What about Ed? My husband hides his dislike for cucumbers. He doesn’t want the girls to stop eating them if Daddy won’t eat them. When the girls don’t wake up early enough to say goodbye to him in the morning, he writes them each a small note and puts it at their place on the table.

All little things. But these little things have big meaning. Knowing these little things shows my daughters: “You are important to us. You matter to us.”

Simple BPM

What small things do you notice about your loved ones?

Here’s a little Capt. Huggy Face to brighten your day:

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17 Replies to “Starting the Day With a Dance”

  1. I have never seen Capt. Huggy Face dance so I will be partaking of that video you helpfully linked to in a moment 🙂

  2. So sweet the way you captured family love….knowing each other so well and being really seen are such wonderful parts of home!Found you on the "Bigger Picture". Loved your post! :)Be blessed! and here's to more dancing with The Captain! lol

  3. What pride we get from knowing the little things about our kids, huh? It's a great reminder of the miracles God gave us to raise though life. I think the same can be said for people in general…I take great pride in knowing very intimate, personal things about my husband, my best friend, etc. Very nice BPM. 🙂

  4. Ginny, if you took out the word "daughters" and replaced it with "sons," I could have written it. That happens all the time. I love how you turned knowing each other into something so special. I wasn't familar with Captain Huggy Face. It's great. My oldest used to call me whenever The Backyardigans martian episode was on. Do you know it? That "Boinga" song got me laughing everytime.

  5. That Captain Huggy Face is my FAVORITE!! I can hear the music now…ahhh…This post is SO right. The fact that we can take such care to know our kids and understand them is priceless. Because *they* are priceless. If nothing else gets done this day, I will at least have known my girls. And I never even considered that before. Thank you for this post!

  6. So sweet. I have gotten mad at my boys for calling for me obsessively, only to see they want me to come see my favorite part of a show, or they want me to dance too. That breaks my heart and is a reminder that I need to relax and enjoy the moments.

  7. That is exactly what I love {and simulataneously get so irritated with} about my little ones right — that they Even if it's just for a song in the morning. And what comes with that is the knowing. And the being known. A recipe for love, exactly. As always, Ginny, a great BPM. I always look forward to reading yours. 🙂

  8. I have never seen Capt. Huggy Face dance so I will be partaking of that video you helpfully linked to in a moment 🙂

  9. That's so sweet 🙂 I LOVE the notes that he leaves. I could see my hubby doing this. He works shifts so he doesn't always see our daughter before she wakes up. He used to ask if I'd wake her up early or if he could sneak in for a kiss…um…NO WAY!My hubby and I are kinda mean. We know things the other doesn't like and often use it to pick on each other…oh it's a laugh a minute at our house ;)My daughter is only 20 months, so a little too young to know my likes and dislikes, but she definitely knows what Mommy doesn't allow her to do (it doesn't always stop her from doing it). I certainly know her. She's still young so our lives our pretty much all wrapped up in each other right now.

  10. Ginny, I haven't done a blog party in such a long time. 🙁 Cute post! I've never heard of Captain Huggy Face…sounds cute though, especially how you explained your daughters. My hubby doesn't like cucumbers either. I love them!

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