Turning Back Time Prompt 6

When I turned six, I donated a book to my Kindergarten class for my birthday. I read that book in my classroom over and over again. It was about a country mouse that lived in a guitar, but I don’t remember the name of the book. If any of you have seen this book, I’d love to know the name of it. There is another picture book I remember loving as a child…find out which book on Tuesday!

Join me, and write about one of your favorite childhood books or stories this week for Turning Back Time. You could also write about one of the previous prompts, listed below.

Please include a link back to Lemon Drop Pie in your post, and come back on Tuesday to link up!

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5 Replies to “Turning Back Time Prompt 6”

  1. I found this and then saw that Lunch Buckets found it too. Google is wonderful! Sylvester the Mouse With the Musical Ear by Adelaide Holl, pub 1961.

  2. My two favorite books were A Secret Garden (total favorite) and A Candle in her Room. In High School, I found Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms and loved it. About a decade ago, I thought I had read every good book possible – and fell upon "All Creatures Great and Small" – the first one in the series. The first chapter had me laughing with tears running down my face. Any mother who has been through childbirth needs to read that chapter – only for humor, though. LOLMy reading skill didn't take off until the middle of second grade – and so I only remember reading those – (and Nancy Drew, of course)until about 6th grade.

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