Turning Back Time: The White Horse

My Grandma always wanted me to have her white, plaster horse.

I don’t remember the details of how she received this horse, only that it was a gift to her from her grandmother, or perhaps her mother.

I don’t know where this horse came from; I seem to recall that it came from Europe.

Who made this horse? There are no markings to give me a clue.

But Grandma always wanted me to have this horse, because when I was a little girl, I had a love for horses.

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7 Replies to “Turning Back Time: The White Horse”

  1. Love that you have something to remember her by during your everyday life … those visual reminders are so wonderful. I've been trying to think about if I have any during the last week, and I actually don't have any heirlooms, oddly enough. Is that strange?

  2. That's really neat Ginny. I tried to use an app on my phone called Goggles to identify it but it didn't turn up anything. I wonder how you could go about finding out more about it? Hmmm…It really is a neat piece. I'm glad you have it!

  3. Great story! And I love the new forum! Hopefully, I can find something worth writing about. Or, I may just have something..

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