A Sign of Spring

It will be a while before my lilacs bloom. The bushes in my back yard have the tiniest, little green leaves on them. The tulips are pushing their bright, green leaves up through the brown, dead leaves from last autumn. But I can’t expect their blossoms to appear just yet. My irises, my day lilies; all sprouting, but it will be weeks if not months before we will see any bright colors liven up our dreary yard.

My six year old daughter is supposed to bring a sign of spring to school. She chose a stuffed bunny, since “bunnies hop around in the spring.” Well, I haven’t seen any rabbits in our yard yet, but the robins have been searching for worms. The squirrels are eagerly pawing through the grass and chasing each other willy nilly up and down the trees.

As I was gazing out the window at the mostly brown landscape, a flash of purple caught my eye. I looked closer in amazement. I grabbed my camera, ran outside, and saw this beautiful sight:

A crocus, blooming right in my back yard.

A surprising treasure of color, lurking in my backyard — spring IS just around the corner!

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8 Replies to “A Sign of Spring”

  1. I've come to see the crocus the way I view rainbows during monsoon type rainstorms — a promise that winter won't actually last for.ev.er. πŸ™‚ Lovely capture this week, Ginny. {So now, by the way, it's become this huge challenge in my house to find some kind of heirloom we might have. We think maybe one might classify, but it's actually the boys'. Funny how your prompt had us on a hunt, though, for days! lol}

  2. I love the crocus. It is a scrapper here and almost always the first flower to bloom. It is in essence the definition of spring. Gorgeous capture my dear. πŸ™‚

  3. I have anxiously awaiting spring. I heard from my husband that one of our crocus is just pushing up through the leaves, but he covered it before I could get a pic (and now I'm laid up) because our April Fools is that it's supposed to freeze πŸ™ Such a great capture this week, thanks for giving me home that Spring is not far off!

  4. Ginny, Lovely shot, especially since you just took it! The one on my blog is from last year! I got tired of waiting… My yard is still white! Thanks for sharing.

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