Meme’s the Word! (May 16 – May 22)

Did you participate in a meme or blog carnival this week? Link up your post here at the end of every week, and get more for your meme!

Last Wednesday, I started something new called “Where in the World?” and I hope you’ll join me! I’m writing about the places I’ve been, and I hope you will, too. Then just link up your post, and we’ll travel the world together. (Or maybe we’ll just go out on the town!) Where in the world have you been? Sometimes I’m going to write about my travels, but sometimes I might write about our trip to the neighborhood pool. If you don’t travel, you can still participate! Next Wednesday’s suggested theme is your favorite BEACH. Don’t have a favorite beach? Write about where ever you want to!

Janna from The Adventures of Motherhood is also starting a new project!
Janna writes, “I’m inviting you to go back to our youth and once a week for 15 weeks share short possibly random stories of our youth starting with birth and ending with a post graduation. Think of this as a gift you are giving to yourself and most importantly your children, their children, and who knows who else.”

For more information about Janna’s new venture, click on the button above!

Now it’s your turn; tell us what memes you participated in this week!

  1. Link up using the direct URL to your meme post. If you participated in more than one meme, go ahead and link more than one post!
  2. Visit a few links, and leave substantial comments. You don’t have to write a novel; just write a nice comment that shows you actually read the post.

Since this isn’t a usual meme, there’s no need to write a separate post for “Meme’s the Word.” Publicize this meme in whatever way you would like. If you love buttons, add the meme button to your side bar. Or you could add a little sentence to the bottom of your meme post saying something like this: “I’m also linking up to “Meme’s the Word!” Saturdays at Lemon Drop Pie.”


7 Replies to “Meme’s the Word! (May 16 – May 22)”

  1. Where in the World-great idea-I love reading about where people have gone and the places they love-Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!

  2. Your "Where in the World" meme/post sounds terrific and I will check back later to add to the journey list. Meanwhile, you were the blogger above me this morning so… Happy SITS Saturday sharefest!Cheers,Eliz

  3. Oops! I rechecked and someone else was above my sign in on the SITS Girls site! LOL!Actually, by some magical hand I must have skipped over a few bloggers and landed on your post… It was meant to be! Have a great weekend!:-)Eliz

  4. very cool. Will be back to explore when I have more time. Thanks for commenting on LuRu's studio tour. I wanted to mention that I've since posted a random drawing for one of her mosaics – winner will be picked on 6/3. Your blog is looking super professional by the way 😀

  5. The Recording your Youth project sounds so fun! It is like a gift to yourself to get all those old memories into your computer! I am sad I missed your Where in the World Wednesday! Last week kind of got crazy for me!! I really plan on being there this week!!

  6. I like the idea of where in the world. Although I'm pretty much always in the same place these days; especially on Wednesdays!

  7. Thank you Ginny.I was asked today what I would do with 1 million dollars – my answer travel around the world. I love God's world and His people groups so much. Sounds like a fun meme

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