Seventeen Cents

Mike and Jane were married for a long time. Mike brought home the money; Jane took care of the money. Mike didn’t even know how to get money out of the bank. When he needed money, he would tell Jane, “All I have is seventeen cents, Jane.” Jane would roll her eyes and grumble a bit as she went to the bank to get Mike some cash.

Every time Mike needed money, he would tell his wife, “All I have is seventeen cents!” It was his job to bring home the money; Jane took care of the money.

As time went on, Mike and Jane raised a family. Their family grew, and they welcomed son-in-laws and daughter-in-laws and grandchildren into the family. Mike would still tell Jane, “All I have is seventeen cents, Jane!” when he needed money.

Sadly, Mike passed away. Jane continued on, taking care of the money.

When Jane passed away shortly after her 90th birthday, her daughter went through Jane’s estate and paid all the bills that come with dying.

After everything was settled, there was little money left. In her bank account, Jane had exactly seventeen cents.

Jane has been gone for a little more than a year. I attended her funeral on a Beautiful Day.

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10 Replies to “Seventeen Cents”

  1. I don't believe it! OK. I do…but wow! What a story! It's like my grandma who always seemed so worried about spending money. She had almost the exact amount needed for her funeral expenses and a few thousand extra.

  2. Oh wow, that story totally gave me the chills too! My husband and I are a lot like that too. Thanks for posting that!

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