Why is it that…

  1. when you have a hairdresser’s appointment, you’re having a good hair day?
  2. you feel perfectly healthy when you are sitting in an exam room on a piece of paper lining an examination table with only a gown on, the thermostat reads fifty degrees, and just that morning you thought if you didn’t get in to see the doctor you were going to die?
  3. your children sleep late when you have to get somewhere in the morning, but they’re up at 5:30 am on Saturday?
  4. you fix your toddler’s favorite food for dinner, only to find out it was her favorite food yesterday?
  5. when you’re running late, there’s always a super, duper, ooper, slooper long freight train? (with apologies to Sid the Science Kid)
  6. when you finally get to lie down for a nap since for once your little ones are napping at the same time, the tornado siren starts blaring, forcing you to get out of bed and grab the children to go to the basement? This happened twice when Emmy was a newborn. The second time I was heading down the stairs when all of a sudden a wind shear came through and scared me to death. The electricity went out, and I later heard the winds were blowing at 80 mph. We were without electricity for 26 hours, which was nothing compared to some people who had no electricity for a week!

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2 Replies to “Why is it that…”

  1. lol totally with you on the favorite food thing.Not so much on the tornado siren. Yeesh. I guess it's what you're used to…

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