I’m Still Freaked Out After Writing this List

Here’s my contribution to Listlessness Monday.

Our phrase of the month seems to be “That freaks me out!” Ed and I have been using this phrase pretty regularly. Some things that have really freaked me out:

1. After Ed has gone to work and I’ve fed the girls breakfast, I usually take a shower. So it freaks me out when I get out of the shower and hear a man’s voice out of nowhere. For a split second, I panic. Then I remember I was listening to WFMT in the kitchen and left the radio on.

2. I have this one blonde, fine hair that grows in the middle of my forehead. It will grow two inches long before I notice it and pluck it out.

3a. Skip 3b. if you’re sick of reading poopy stories. Proceed to number 4.

3b. Baby poop. Why does it need to change color and consistency, and send every newbie mom (this newbie mom, anyway) running to the phone to call the pediatrician? When Lily started pooping red, I was really freaked out. It turned out to be a side effect of the medication she was taking at the time.

4. The ATT thumb commercial for texting. I’ll post the link, but I don’t want to embed it in the post because it FREAKS ME OUT! Some people think it’s funny, but I don’t see it. Kind of how that Quizno’s singing monkeys commercial a couple of years ago freaked me out.

5. This list. Freaks me out.

So, what things freak you out?


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3 Replies to “I’m Still Freaked Out After Writing this List”

  1. I'm with you on the #4, thumbs with faces texting. Creepy. Freaks me out. I know when I'm using Skype and a voice my dog doesn't recognize comes on it freaks my dog out. I see a little thought bubble over her head: "where is the person with that voice? Are they in that thing she calls a laptop and pays so much attention to? Can they get out? Let me bark and let them know I'm here to help!"

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates the thumbs! Maybe I need a dog; then I wouldn't be scared of strange voices!

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