Celebrating Fall

Oh, fall is a wonderful season! 
We’ve had such beautiful weather to go along with the changing colors of the leaves and the fall festivals. Of course, by the time Halloween arrives and my girls are wearing their arm-baring Ariel costumes, it will be as cold as a witch’s…
um, it will be too cold to show off those cute costumes I bought for them!
Germanfest! Emmy and Lily are enjoying the foods of fall…a German pretzel and taffy apple. 
Ed enjoyed a huge German beer, and I enjoyed driving two sticky girls 
and one very happy husband home.
We are very lucky to live close to a river and the forest preserves that run along it. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and took walks in the woods two weekends in a row. 
I just love the fall colors! Don’t you?
The forest preserves also allows wildlife which has difficulty adapting to suburban life to thrive, like barred owls. This barred owl was injured, and lives at the nature center close to us. 
The educational programs they have are great!
Getting your face painted is fun during any season! 
Emmy shows off her butterfly, and Lily “hearts” having her face painted.
Wishing you a wonderful fall,
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12 Replies to “Celebrating Fall”

  1. Sounds like a nice festival. Love the Fall colors. I remember always having to wear a coat for Halloween, it was such a bummer. Even here in California it seems to be a cool day every Halloween. I will actually be in Downtown Chicago on Halloween this year!

  2. Great photos! I hope your autumn will continue in the way those photos show and not like the way it is over here: a lot of wind and a lot of rain!

  3. Love the photos! Your girls are growing so fast! They are gorgeous! I absolutely loooove Fall! it is my favorite time of year!

  4. Fall is such a wonderful time of year! Great for photos.I remember freezing on Halloween when I was a child!Came over from SITS to say hi.

  5. You're a great photographer Ginny! And your comment about the costumes and cold weather made me laugh. I grew up in a colder climate too and remember all of us kids trying to force our costumes over our snowsuits! 🙂

  6. What fun it looks like you all had! I just love how happy your girls look with their treats! You are so right about how it will be cold soon, I just hope we don't get snow for Halloween!

  7. That's right…you're in Illinois! Up here in WI we love our German Beer 😉 Awesome photos…it looks like some great memories!Chris

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