Clash of the Couples is Here!

This past summer, Ed and I began brainstorming. My fabulous editor of The Mother of All Meltdowns, Crystal Ponti, was putting together another anthology and I wanted to be included! This time, however, we had to write a story about an argument we had. Ed and I don’t fight very often. But when we do fight, it’s usually not publishable material. Ed remembered an argument when we were going to through premarital counseling that I have no memory of, so that wouldn’t do. I remembered a huge fight that, just like Voldemort from Harry Potter, shouldn’t be named. There was no way I was writing about that one! And then there was the time I did go to bed angry, but I don’t remember what I was angry about.

That’s what Clash of the Couples is all about. Going to bed angry. Bickering over the little things, like how to load the dishwasher. Sweating over the small stuff and the big stuff, too.

What did I decide to write about? You’ll have to buy the book to find out!

Clash of the Couples

Thank you, Ed, husband dear, for helping me think of the story, for editing and proofreading my numerous drafts, and most of all, for not letting me go to bed angry.




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13 Replies to “Clash of the Couples is Here!”

  1. I initially thought I wouldn’t even go “there” in submitting any story for the book, but then I realized I have a wealth of insight that can be quite useful!! Tee hee…

    And my husband could not argue with it. 🙂

    I’m THRILLED to be in this book with you!!!
    Chris Carter recently posted…Time is Magical…My Profile

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