The Life of Two Goldfish

My daughter Lily enjoyed writing on my blog so much last week that she decided Saturday is her day on Lemon Drop Pie. Here she is, writing again!


Hi, it’s Lily. I have two pet goldfish, Stripe and Spotty. I got them on Aug. 5, 2012. One week after that Spotty died. I was sad. Stripe hates the net. He loves food. Spotty did not mind the net. She liked food. I do not like the smell of goldfish food. I help take care of them. I love them. And Stripe says,”Feed Me! Please!” They are so cute.

Spotty and Stripe

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21 Replies to “The Life of Two Goldfish”

  1. I used to look after some cats and their food smelt very funny too. And I heard some people actually eat cat food! I wonder if there are people eating fish food. And if they did, would they become mermaids?
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  2. Sorry you lost your Spotty. They are lovely fish and you wrote a very good post. I never cared for the smell either. __

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