What to Do With the Extra Pumpkin

Hi I am Lily. Today Nov.24 my mom wanted to make pumpkin cookies. I did too. My mom used up all of the eggs to make yoke in the middle for breakfast. The recipe for pumpkin cookies needs eggs. Mommy found one more recipe. I said “I want to try both recipes.” Mommy said “We will wait to get eggs.” So we did not make pumpkin cookies. But we plan to soon. I think we will. We need to use the left over pumpkin from making pumpkin pie. We made good pumpkin pie. Mom said “I am going to make pizza. I am going to put pumpkin sauce on it.” The part about the pumpkin sauce was a joke. She really is going to make pizza. She is going to make pizza for dinner. This all happened in the afternoon.

Lily wrote the paragraph above while I was making the pizza, because I realized that I still needed a post for today! Didn’t she do a great job?

Have a wonderful Saturday night, and I’ll be back tomorrow with a new blog post!



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