Blogging From My Nook

Ed has taken my laptop away from me. Not as a punishment or anything; he needed it for work. So here I am,typing away on a teeny tiny little touch screen. Not because I have to. I could go to the basemt and use the desk top. But just because I wanted to see if it could be done. And it can be, but not easily. I don’t have a nook tablet or anything fancy like that. Just an “old” 1st edition.

So yes, I can blog from my Nook. But only in an emergency. Like when Ed takes away my laptop.

Have you ever blogged from a moble device?

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One Reply to “Blogging From My Nook”

  1. I am still living in the past when it comes to technology! I finally got a very normal cell phone (just for calls) like 2 weeks ago… it's actually funny and a bit ironic since I was in charge if IT in the Company where I used to work… I used to sleep with my fancy cell phone in one of my hands! LOL! … I never thought I'd be so "disconnected" but then… marriage came, kids arrived and buying only the affordable makes it hard to have those toys… for now… I am ok… so I guess the answer is no… I haven't blogged from any mobile device recently and probably won't for a while LOL! 😉 It's great to read you! Wherever you blog from! Happy weekend!

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