Conversations Outside the Preschool Door: Are Your Kids Sleeping?

How many times have you had a great conversation with the other moms outside the preschool door–only to have the conversation end abruptly as the classroom door opened and a stream of preschoolers swarmed out?

My friends and I will set up playdates so that we can have mommy talks while the kids play. Sounds great, right? These conversations are rarely finished, interrupted by snack demands or urgent diaper changing needs!

These unfinished conversations are one of the reasons I started my own community on The BlogFrog. Maybe, just maybe, we can converse without interruptions! (I highly doubt it, but let’s give it a try!)

Here’s a question for you:

What do you do when your kids are in bed?

Join the Lemon Drop Pie Community to join the conversation, or tell me in the comments below.

When my kids are in bed, you will most likely find me blogging, or parked in front of the TV. Are any of you more ambitious than me?

I’m looking forward to having a conversation with you!

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8 Replies to “Conversations Outside the Preschool Door: Are Your Kids Sleeping?”

  1. Unrelated comment yet once again – you seem to welcome suggestions for your layout, so I have one – can you put a thin rectangular background behind "Serve me up…"- how would that look?

  2. I do whatever I want most of the day because they have their own nests now. It was usually TV when they were in bed, no internet back then!

  3. I answered over at your community. Great topic!BTW, I can't join your community??? Every time I try, it tells me there's an error?

  4. I know what you mean! Everytime I schedule playdates with friends, we're hardly able to continue or finish any conversations!When my kids are in bed I either blog or watch tv. I'm pretty much anti-social by that point!

  5. Like many a Mom that's my "me" time.I either go into the studio or relax with a movie or book. what do you like to do?

  6. When the kids are in bed, we're usually on lockdown, watching TV QUIETLY as to not wake them and blogging when the TV is done. My friends and I have the same play dates, we start talking about topics and NEVER finish them. Maybe someday these kids will let us get a work in edgewise. 😉

  7. Hi Ginny Marie Sweetie…I love coming to read your blog. It is so relaxing, and I only wish when my kids were little, I could have met a friend like you. I remember how lonely it was. I tried meeting other Mom's and it was so hard. Most only had 1 child, and really didn't want to converse with someone who had 3. I mean what the oldest 2 weren't getting in to, the baby made up for it by either pooping or screaming. We didn't have computers back then, so when they were napping or asleep, I was cleaning and cooking. When I finally had them asleep I would crawl into a relaxing hot tub. That was my release. The kids got to where they would tell me, "Mom you need a Calgon." Calgon ofcourse had a commercial showing a stressed Mom who would take a Calgon bath and all the tensions went away. Was real cute.I see your knitting project is coming along. I want to learn so bad. I want to make a baby blanket (simple stitches) for my grand baby #8 that is due in June. I keep researching looking for instructions. Do you have anything that could be of help to me?Talk to you soon sweetie. Hope you had a beautiful Saturday with the family.Country hugs from Country Wings in Phoenix. Love, Sherry

  8. My son recently gave up naps, so when he goes to bed for the night, I sit and look shell shocked for a few minutes. Hee!

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