My Bed is Calling….

Due to this NaBloPoMo thing I’ve started, (you know, National Blog Posting Month, the month where I’m supposed to blog every day?) I feel like I need to write something. Last night, however, I was up almost every hour with Lily, who had a terrible stomach flu that’s going around her school. It was like having a newborn all over again, except I would much rather change a diaper and nurse my baby than hold my child’s head over a bowl while she retched. Poor baby…she was so miserable!

She’s much better now, so far no one else has starting throwing up (knock on wood!), and I’m going to bed. Good Night!

P.S. Sorry for the brief and somewhat yucky post.

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6 Replies to “My Bed is Calling….”

  1. You know, this is why we blog- so we can document even the most random, "yucky" days and remember them (because seriously, who is going to take a picture of their puking daughter?;). I hope she feels better, and hope you all stay healthy.Love,C:)

  2. I hope she feels better today. I know exactly how she feels, since I have done my fair share of throwing up in my childhood, even having a washing up bowl underneath my bed until I was 12!And I understand you as well: I came home today to puke all over the kitchen floor!

  3. Well a reality post!!! Yea! for you blogging so much…between broken leg, throwing up, adult children drama…well I didn't even try.I hope everyone is feeling better.

  4. Poor Lily! Poor you! I greatly admire you for doing the NaBloPoMo thing. November is always the month when I feel like not blogging at all!

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