A New Routine

Ed’s alarm went off twice, and he shook me awake. “I was up a lot with Lily last night,” I mumbled. She had had trouble sleeping; perhaps she is too excited about starting Kindergarten to sleep.

“Ginny…” Ed said. I got up.

As I stepped out the door early this morning, the cool air caressed my skin. I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, but I wasn’t cold; after many hot, summer days I craved this coolness. I started walking in the darkness.

As I reached my destination, I saw a white fog covering the wide open area I was about to enter. There was no other movement; everything was calm and quiet.

Two times around the track;
must get back, must get back.

I rounded the first corner, and the sky was starting to lighten. As I rounded the second corner, I looked to the west. A large orange globe was kissing the tops of the trees. Although yet to be seen, the sun was making the moon blush brilliantly.

I rounded the third corner, and then the fourth corner.

Two times around the track;
must get back, must get back.

A man and his fluffy white dog appeared, and we muttered “Good morning” to each other. The sky lightened even further, into a clear blue. The fog was disappearing, but the coolness of the early morning air remained.

I finished my second circling of the track, and headed back toward home. Even though the sun was still not visible, morning had arrived. I picked up the paper in the driveway and quietly went inside. Ed was gathering his lunch together and pouring coffee in his travel mug.

“Aren’t you glad you got up?” he asked.

“I guess,” I said with a smile.


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8 Replies to “A New Routine”

  1. Way to go. I was supposed to exercise with a friend this morning, but decided against it when I woke up with a headache. Must go tomorrow.

  2. New year!!! How sweet first year of school!! My walking has been in hot weather..we were at 110!!, so I walk early…and it was wonderful when the rain came in with cooler weather…keep that walking up and being glad you did it!!! Your husband is a good encourager

  3. Good for you! My husband gets up to run almost every morning. T is sleeping with me and getting up several times at night, and once I get out of bed in the morning, he's up, so yeah… I guess I'm making excuses…

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