Book Nook: Bedtime Dragon and a Puppy

One Drowsy DragonOne Drowsy Dragon by Ethan Long

Emmy asked me to read this library book to her every night this week! One very tired and crabby dragon, (which reminds this mama of herself) can’t go to sleep because all the other dragons are making too much noise! This adorable counting book is also a great bedtime book.

This week, I am adding a new feature to Book Nook: Lily’s Pick! Lily wanted to use her “blog name,” so she introduces herself as Lily in the following vlog:

Lily’s Pick: Biscuit and the Little PupBiscuit and the Little Pup by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

When I asked Lily to pick a book from the bookshelf to share with my blog readers, this is the book she choose. Biscuit books aren’t designed to make parents love them, but they are written to make children proud of reading by themselves. Biscuit and the Little Pup is a great book for a beginning reader. Lily has just started to read some sight words, which makes this a great book for her. I just love the last few seconds of this video.

Next Friday, join me for Emmy’s pick! To read more children book reviews, please click on the button below to visit Little Sprout Books.

4 Replies to “Book Nook: Bedtime Dragon and a Puppy”

  1. Hi Ginny Marie,Just wanted to say hi! Love reading your posts. Way to go this month on a post a day….that is inspiring. I always have good intentions of getting something up each day, but just don't seem to get it together. Your daughter is just precious. Don't you just love it when the reading clicks and they get it! This is happening with our 6 year old. Pure joy for both of us. I love it at the end when she said, "I did it!"Much love,Stacy

  2. How great to hear the pride in her voice when she says, "I read it!"Almost makes me wish I taught reading to younger students. 🙂

  3. Visiting from over at Little Sprout Books! How cute that last week (11/13) One Drowsy Dragon was in my reading list too! My son found this one and just loves dinosaurs and dragons. This was really cute. What a sweet video of your daughter reading.

  4. Oh Ginny she is just precious!! It was great to see here in live action reading the book to us. I have beginning readers in my house too, we will have to check out Biscuit for sure!

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