It’s the Small Things: Jumping on the Bed

I normally don’t encourage jumping on the bed due to the fact that I don’t want broken heads or broken beds.

But when we were on vacation, Emma and Lily were having so much fun….

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8 Replies to “It’s the Small Things: Jumping on the Bed”

  1. Sweet picture. Jumping on the bed is so much fun!So glad you let them enjoy the moment. I do agree with you on the broken heads and bed!

  2. Very cute! ~Some boys you know (now men) were jumping on a bed at a hotel and broke it when we were on a family vacation. It wasn't a laughing matter, but we still laughed! 😉

  3. I don't think I ever jumped on any bed. In bed yes, on bed no! But they look like they were having fun, so perhaps I should try it sometime!

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