I Found Treasure!

Remember those piles from yesterday? The pile in my bedroom is getting smaller, like a snowdrift in January…which is to say that only I can tell it’s shrinking!

A few layers down, I found treasure. Not a forgotten $20 bill or check from a long lost cousin; what I found was worth more than money to me. (Although a tiny sum would have been a nice find, don’t you think?)

My treasure:

There’s a story behind this drawing. In March of 2009, my sister and I took Lily and Emmy to visit my mom in Iowa during Spring Break. We were going to leave Ed at home for a whole week, so Lily requested that he draw picture of himself. She wanted to bring the picture on our trip so she wouldn’t forget him. (Maybe I’ll discover that drawing next!)

We had a great week. Mom was feeling stronger, and we were all hopeful that she would recover from her radiation treatments and that her cancer would be held at bay. My sister and I took her to the mall on a search for dresses for my little sister’s wedding in May. Grandma read, sang, and cuddled with her favorite granddaughters. The week passed by quickly.

When it was time to leave Iowa, Lily requested a self-portrait from Grandma. However, as we were about to get into the van, Grandma didn’t have time to draw a picture. She drew, scanned and emailed a picture to Lily the next week. (Mom was a computer-savvy Grandma!)

I have a plan for this treasure. I’m going to frame it and hang it on Lily’s bedroom wall. Right next to this picture:

Grandma and Lily in March, 2009

Hopeful I’ll find more treasures in that MONSTER of a pile,

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9 Replies to “I Found Treasure!”

  1. What a precious, timeless treasure you found. I'm sure it will bring a smile to Lily's (and yours) face!

  2. That is so sweet, that is surely a treasure. I think God's timing was perfect for this treasure to be found.

  3. That is such a perfect idea! I might ask my parents (who are still very much alive) to draw a picture of themselves. I have lots of photos, but a self portrait is so much more personal!

  4. Oh what a delightful story! What a wonderful gift for you to find it during such a laborious chore and a great gift for Lily's bedroom. I'm so glad you found it Ginny! 🙂

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