We are in Iowa, Iowa…That’s where the tall corn grows.

In case you haven’t read my past couple of posts, I’m in Iowa this week, visiting my parents with my sister, Lily and Emmy. Poor Ed is languishing home alone, missing us dreadfully. (In reality, I bet he’s in his boxers playing air guitar while cranking Def Leppard.)

Have you ever been in Iowa? The wind blows somethin’ fierce around here. It was howling around the house last night, blowing the rain up against the windows, whistling through the trees…I almost couldn’t get to sleep. Almost. Hey, I have a bed to myself this week. I’m lovin’ it! Although I’m the one that snores, not Ed, so he tells me….

I was explaining my blog addiction to my parents, and my mom just doesn’t understand. She said it was the writing she wouldn’t enjoy. I actually thought she would be the one that would understand the most. She worked on a website for her church; she loved playing around with the design and she learned Photoshop to make the website better. Ever since she had her radiation treatments, though, she has given up some of her favorite hobbies so she can concentrate on getting well again.

My sister M actually had a good analogy for this blogging thing. She said it’s like having a pen pal. Lots of pen pals, actually. We tried to find pen pals when we were little, but our efforts always fizzled.

I love to read all your blogs; probably because they are like letters. Sometimes my comments are lame, but it’s just an excuse to say, “Hi there! I’m still out here, reading your blog, and I love what you do!”

I just asked Mom, “Is pen pals one word or two?”


“Do you spell pen pals as one word or two words?”

“Bed pans?”



We made Mom do a lot of walking in the mall today. She was really tired out, but she had a great nap this afternoon. Her hair is starting to grow back. Hurray! I know she’ll be back to doing those hobbies in no time. She is looking forward to spring, and getting back out in her garden. I took the picture of Emmy that’s in my header in Mom’s garden. I love that picture!

And so from Iowa, have a great day!

Your pen pal,

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