Random Tuesday Thoughts: Travel with Kids

I think I deserve some kind of award. Maybe others have gone more miles, but still…isn’t there some kind of reward for me? I just traveled 350 miles with my four year old and 19 month old today. It’s only 8:30 p.m., and I’m exhausted. Just wrap me up in a blanket and call me a burrito. You’ll have to forgive the typos today. I’m going to bed.

Speaking of burritos, Ed will be living a bachelor’s life for five days. I think he’s planning on eating burritos every night. Live it up, amigo. It took the girls two hours to get to sleep tonight, compared to their normal 45 minutes. We have their routine down pat.

Speaking of typos, no matter how often I read and reread a post, I tell my stories wrong. I need an editor. Someone with a big ol’ red pen, circling all the things that just don’t tell it the way I meant to! You see, this editor must be a mind reader. Just yesterday, I wrote a list of what I did with my girlfriends before I was married. I mentioned going to the college bars, and so some commenters thought I was in college when I went out dancing, etc. Makes sense…I did say we were in a college town. I neglected to write that we were 30 years old, not college kids, out for a good time. We were “townies,”–you know, the people who actually live and work in the college town full time, year round.

The little editor in my mind just got her red pen out. I should mention I did have help on our travels today. My sister came along for the ride, and I couldn’t have traveled without her. I guess I really don’t deserve that award after all. Just hand it over to her. She went above and beyond her auntly duty today!

Lily, now in her wisdomly fourth year of age, kept asking how far it was until we got to the river that meant we were in Iowa. We still had about an hour and a half until we reached the Mississippi, and she asked, “How long is that?” I had a brainstorm. “The length of 3 Sid the Science Kid shows,” I told her. The question she asked from then on was “How many Sid the Science Kids until we get to Grandma’s house?” We sang all the songs from the show on the way to Grandma’s. That was going to have to do; we don’t have a DVD player in our van.

Songs help keep us sane when we’re traveling. Emmy loves the song “Where is Thumpkin?” We sing the PC version; instead of “How are you today, sir?” we sing “How are you today, friend,” and we call “Middle Man” “Tall One” instead. “Ringo” stands in for “Ring Man”. I really have to be careful when I sing this song when I’m driving. I drive with my left hand and hold up the fingers on my right hand. Another driver could really get the wrong idea when we get to “Where is Tall One?”

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