Life in the Fast Lane, Kind of…

Last night I watched the remake of Mod Squad on TV. I first saw it in the theater with my girlfriends. I haven’t gone to a movie in the theater for years, literally. I don’t even remember the last movie I went to. If we actually get a babysitter for the night, I don’t want to spend the night at the movies. Ed and I go out to eat or get drinks…something that involves talking with no interruptions.

While I was watching Mod Squad, I thought about all the things I used to do with my girlfriends before I got married and had kids.

  1. We would go dancing at the college bars and see the live bands. One of the best bands was Generations, a 70s cover band. The best thing to drink was cranberry juice and vodka. Everything else was bottom shelf and horrible.
  2. We took late night trips to the gas station to get cappuccino. That’s right, the gas station. Even though it was a college town, it was a small town.
  3. We drove into the suburbs to go swing dancing. Single guys who learn how to swing dance to attract women are generally creepy. They went the distance…saddle shoes, fedora, suit and tie. And slightly clammy hands. But you know what? They can dance!
  4. Breakfast skillets at 2 a.m. tasted really good.
  5. We would call each other any time, hang out in our pajamas all day and go out all night. And one of our biggest laments was, “Why can’t we find the right man?”

Now we’re all married, and those spontaneous days are over. But boy, did we have fun!

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