Random Tuesday Thoughts

Blogging, how I missed you over the holidays! My archives show that in 2008, I have 87 posts. I graduated from high school in ’87. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

I have a pile of toilet paper rolls on the counter in our master bathroom. At first, I was saving them up to do this Thanksgiving craft:Pop! Corn After I decided it would be too much work to cut all that crepe paper, I decided I was going to carry the rolls down to the recycling. But the bathroom is in the upper corner of the house; the recycling is in the opposite, lower corner. Too far away to carry my armful of round, brown cylinders. And so the pile grows. And grows. Easy craft ideas, anyone? There must be no cutting of crepe paper, please.

I finally figured out what those squiggly, blurry lines mean. I see them in front of my eyes every three months or so, and then get a splitting headache. Took me a while to make the connection. This time, I took some ibuprofen immediately, and only got a ghost of a headache. Does anybody really buy the name brands like Advil anymore? The generic is so much cheaper and works just as well.

The paper reported yesterday that over the weekend, John Travolta and Kelly Preston spoke for the first time since the Friday death of their son. The media makes it sound like it took months for them to say something when they shouldn’t have had to make any sort of statement. It’s hard enough to grieve over a lost child. Don’t you just want to yell at the media to leave anyone who is grieving alone?

On a much more trivial note, I was pouring the last of the Caesar dressing down the sink so I could recycle the bottle. It expired in Jul 08. But it still smelled so good! It didn’t seem like it could have gone bad, with such a delicious smell. Couldn’t I have used those last teaspoonfuls for something? Sigh.

Today is Epiphany, when the Wise Men visit Baby Jesus. Time to take down the tree. It’s been so nice to turn the lights on in the morning when I get up at 5:00 and it’s still pitch black outside for two more hours. Very tempted to leave the tree up.

And that’s all I have for my random thoughts today. Keely is sure to have some good ones over at the Un-Mom.

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5 Replies to “Random Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. My tree is still up too, still pretty, and I'm still liking it. Maybe we could start a rule if leaving it up til MLK day?

  2. My tree is still up. It's so PRETTY….*whine*I feed my toilet paper rolls to the toddler. He makes short work of them, too.

  3. Sorry, no crafty ideas. We feed our paper towel and toilet paper rolls to the pet gerbils. They make short work of them too, gnawing them down to shreds in minutes.

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