Do Nachos and Coffee Go Together? Random Tuesday Thoughts

I was so proud of Lily yesterday. She got out the measuring tape and measured her little sister. Then she announced, “Emmy’s eight minutes tall!” She’s got a good grip on math concepts, just like her mother.

I’m making playlists for my new MP3 player. They’re like mixed tapes, only a thousand times faster to make. Where’s the romance in that? Remember how awesome it was when your boyfriend made you a mixed tape, and he picked out all the songs especially for you? Making a tape required fast-forwarding tapes and rewinding them to find the song you wanted, and then you had to listen to the whole song while it was recording. Now that’s real love. None of this drop and drag crap. (OK, it’s not crap. I love drop and drag! Or is it drop ‘n drag?)

We’re spending New Year’s in Iowa. Whoo-Hoo, Iowa! I’m bringing the nachos.

Emmy was up before 5:00 this morning. I thought she would go back to sleep…and I was just kidding myself. She heard Ed’s alarm at 5:10 and started saying, “Daadeee, daadeee.” It was a lost cause after that. I brought her downstairs, and we have the coffee timer set to start at 5:45. NO COFFEE YET. I like to wait for Ed to get his morning coffee first before he goes to work. Pour your coffee, Ed…stop talking baby talk to the baby and POUR your FRICKIN’ COFFEE ALREADY!!

I got this new hand cream for Christmas, and it says right on the top “No fragrance added.” It has a fragrance, however. As my brother would say, it smells like ass. They should have added fragrance to cover up the ass smell. Yeah, my hands are moisturized and soft, but how is that good if they smell like, you know, ass?

Did I ever tell you about the time my brother said “mother f*****” in my mother’s presence? The look on her face: priceless.

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3 Replies to “Do Nachos and Coffee Go Together? Random Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. No fragrance added usually means 'ass smell'LOLunscented means no scent, and by that they mean they added a bunch of stuff to cancel out the ass smell…

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