Six reasons I don’t have time to write a list

  1. Lily spent at least ten minutes screaming on the kitchen floor that she wouldn’t eat her breakfast unless I let her have both sugar and syrup on her microwave pancakes. After I refused to cave in, she decided to eat her pancakes plain. Go for it, Lily! I’m just happy her tantrums seem to be much shorter now that she’s four!
  2. I’m still picking up wrapping paper, gift bags, and boxes off the floor where they were strewn everywhere last Thursday. We’re supposed to get together with our neighbors, but the husband is a neat freak. His wife had to convince him to leave their baby’s bouncy seat out of the closet when not in use. Screw it, I’ll invite them over anyway and he can just live with our mess.
  3. We’re leaving for Iowa on two days to have Christmas with my side of the family. I have mountains of laundry and some wrapping left to do.
  4. Emmy needs her second flu shot, since she just had her very first flu shot a little more than a month ago.
  5. Do I even think about taking down the tree?
  6. Lily has a birthday party to go to tomorrow, and we don’t have a present yet. Lily got this incredibly messy-looking web writer gift (among thousands of gifts from her aunt and uncle) that I hid in all the pandemonium last week. Do I dare regift?

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2 Replies to “Six reasons I don’t have time to write a list”

  1. Sigh. I should have regifted, but I felt too guilty and bought a dinosaur at Target. You can always use more dinosaurs.

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