Animal Sightings

This may not be the best list, but I’ve posted a list for the last seven Mondays and I don’t want to break a good habit. I really missed blogging while I was in Iowa, and the more I blog, the better I become. (Allow me this delusion!) Naturally, I’m creating this list illegally, on Sunday evening, because blogging on a Monday morning with two cranky children is nearly impossible. I spent many hours on the road with said cranky children today, and I just want to get in my flannel pajamas and crawl into bed with a good book.

Ed and I love to vacation in state and national parks; to hike, camp, eat outdoors, and possibly have some wildlife sightings. During our six hour drive from Chicago to Des Moines and back again, we spied a variety of wildlife from the car. I have never seen so many animals on this trip, which we make frequently.

  1. I saw at least fifteen red-tailed hawks, both flying and perched in trees.
  2. We saw too many deer to count. Lily was thrilled to see two of them, since Bambi is her all time favorite movie.
  3. A flock of wild turkeys was sitting in a field right next to a herd of deer.
  4. As we crossed the Mississippi River, my cousin and I spotted three huge birds. I assumed they were turkey vultures, but my cousin said no, they were eagles. Sure enough, I looked more closely, and I saw their white feathered heads. It was amazing to see three bald eagles, close to the highway, in Illinois!!
  5. As we neared home, a small possum was venturing out of the forest preserve and walking in the grass by the road. Let’s not assume anything bad happened; he was very cute!

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