I’ve lost that lovin’ feeling for Fall {Tuesday Ten}

front of combine

After last year’s long, cold and snowy winter, I hardly want to think about Fall. This is not like me; I love how the seasons change in the Midwest. So maybe listing my favorite things about Fall for Lisa and Rabia’s Tuesday Ten will help me love Fall again.

1. I love pumpkins. Going to the pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkins is so fun. Carving pumpkins, roasting the seeds, making pumpkin bars–all such a fun part of Fall. Unfortunately, the squirrels at my house love pumpkins, too, and as soon as I put a pumpkin on the porch, the squirrels start snacking on it. (Side note: I don’t like the pumpkin spice latte from a certain popular coffee shop that most suburban moms seem to go nuts over.)

2. Being able to wear my comfy, gray sweater. It’s started to show its age, but I love slipping into my sweater every fall!

3. Using my crock pot. I love having a meal ready and waiting for me at dinner time! You’ll be surprised at what I found in my purse in the vlog below.

4. I love walking through the dry leaves and crunching them with my feet!

5. Watching corn get harvested. Last Fall, I was able to ride a combine. It was such a fun ride as part of my experience as a Field Mom!

After my ride in a combine harvesting field corn

Instead of writing 5 more things I love about Fall, I’d love to have you visit an article I wrote on my experience as a Field Mom at Watch Us Grow, the Illinois Farm Families website. I’m one of IFF’s new Field Mom Ambassadors! If you are interested in the program and live in the Chicago area, you can apply to be a 2015 City Mom! Even if you’re not in the Chicago area, you can see me getting licked by a calf over at Watch Us Grow.

Field Mom Ambassador[Tweet “Do you like Fall? Trying to fall back in love with Fall on #TuesdayTen!”]

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