Ten Things I Loved About My Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day, Rabia from The Liebers and Lisa from The Golden Spoons gave us a lovely prompt for this week’s Tuesday Ten: Ten Things I Love About My Mom.

My mom was very close to all her kids; I have two sisters and a brother. When she died when she was only 67, we were all devastated. I don’t think we’ll ever stop missing her. But we are all so lucky that we had such a good relationship with our mom. She was the best!

Here’s just ten things I loved about my mom. I’m sure I could write more!

Loreeta and Christa
Mom and me

10. We read the same books. We both loved reading the Inspector Lynley books by Elizabeth George, we read from A to T in the Kinsey Milhone series, and Nevada Barr kept us on our toes. I was always putting the newest book on hold at the library and had to wait to read it, but Mom would be too impatient and she would just go out and buy the book! The next time I saw her, she would give it to me to read.

9. I helped Mom look for a house when she and my dad decided to move out of the parsonage. After they bought a house, we would walk around the neighborhood and compare the various house model in their suburban development. I do the same thing now, in my own neighborhood.

8. When I was a teenager, I would come home from school and Mom would just listen to me talk and talk and talk while she was making dinner. She taught me that sometimes, I just need to listen to my own daughters.

7. She loved to garden. One of my earliest memories of her is watering her flower garden after she put me and my sister to bed. She always said the evening was the best time to water so that the sun wouldn’t burn the wet plants. When I was in the hospital having Emmy, she and Lily planted flowers in our front yard as a surprise for me.

Mom husking corn with Lily and Emmy.
Mom husking corn with Lily and Emmy.

6. Mom took care of me whenever I was sick; even as an adult, I stayed with my parents when I had mono and then when I had breast cancer. Mom always knew how to take care of me. She saw me through several surgeries and sat with me through chemotherapy. She helped me buy a wig, which then I never wore. But she didn’t care. Later, when she had radiation treatments on her skull, she decided not to wear a wig, either.

5. She believed in using lots of butter on toast and lots of sugar on berries.

4. Mom had a beautiful singing voice. She sang at weddings and funerals, at Christmas and on Easter. As little girls, my sister and I went to voice lessons with her. As an adult, I gave her moral support at some auditions. She sang in several choirs and even was in the chorus for an opera. I loved to hear her sing.

3. When us kids thought something was funny, she didn’t always laugh out loud. I’d ask her why she wasn’t laughing, and she would say she was laughing on the inside. But every once in a while, she got the giggles, and then we all wouldn’t be able to stop laughing!

2. Mom was so excited to become a grandmother. She simply adored them and spent as much time with them as she could, even though she lived 350 miles away.

1. My mom was my mom when I was growing up; she was strict about my manners and made me clean the house on Saturday mornings; she pinched me when I talked in church and put me in time-outs when I fought with my sister. When I grew up, however, my mom became my best friend.

The Golden Spoons

What do you love about your mom?


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14 Replies to “Ten Things I Loved About My Mom”

  1. Beautiful list and tribute to your mom. So sorry you lost her at such a young age and can’t even imagine, but I will say I have a very good friend who lost her mom who was only 53 years old beforemy friend ever turned 30 and lost her dad only a few years later to a massive heart attack. Will never forget what she went through in such a short time and still so proud my friend for how strong she has been through it all. Happy belated Mother’s Day and hope you had a wonderful day with your family.
    Janine Huldie recently posted…The Entertainer – Lily’s Pre-School Circus ShowMy Profile

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your Mom and to yourself as a loving daughter. You were too young to lose your wonderful Mom. But then that is how Hubby felt last fall when his mom passed. He was 73 at the time. Again, lovely post.

  3. There are so many beautiful moments in your list, but I love the story you shared about your mom taking care of you through your fight with breast cancer. That is so powerful! Blessings to you as you continue to mother without her. (I’m on that journey as well.)
    Lauren Thompson recently posted…Calm in the chaosMy Profile

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