The Summer Cold

It’s inevitable when you are the mom of two little girls AND a preschool teacher. The germs are going to catch up with you no matter how much you wash your hands and take your vitamins. It happened to me on Sunday evening.

It’s the dreaded summer cold.

Technically, it’s not summer. Our weather in Northern Illinois, however, has been beautiful. We’ve had a long stretch of warm, sunny days. Days that are perfect for throwing open the windows and letting the house air out. Lily, Emmy and I are finally getting used to our new Fall schedule. Lily has been getting used to her heavier load of third grade homework (although last night was a little rough). Emmy has taken her first spelling tests and has shown that she is going to be a great speller just like her big sister. (Spelling and I have never gotten along–they must get the spelling gene from their father!)

My job has changed as well. Last year, I taught only two mornings a week. This year, I am now teaching five days a week. Yes, it is a big change, but I love what I do!

Even though we’ve had open windows and outdoor recess and beautiful weather, when a bunch of kids start spending time together in a small space, germs start spreading. Lily had the snuffles last week, and a couple of my little students have already stayed home with a little cold. Sunday night I started to get snuffly myself. I tried to fortify myself with an extra dose of Vitamin C, but I’ve already gone through a whole box of tissues. Yesterday afternoon I got home from work, ate lunch and promptly put myself down for a nap. You can do that when you feel sick.

Fortunately, this cold seems to be pretty tame, and I’m feeling much better today. Hurray!
My new first grader and third grader, ready for the first day of school!

How are you today? I hope you have managed to dodge the summer cold germs!


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13 Replies to “The Summer Cold”

  1. Ah, the summer cold. It is warm and sunny here in MA too. 80 degrees here! So it does feel like summer, or like spring because this morning was 48 degrees. The colds are inevitable with school starting and cold mornings turning into warm days. I find the fresh air is so helpful to a cold. In winter and stale, humid summer, it’s harder to get better for me.

  2. BOO GERMS! So far so good around here. I feel like I should knock on wood, but Jude hasn’t gotten sick in ages, maybe a year. I’m convinced it’s all that running and swimming. The girls are darling, btw!

  3. Within a five-minute time span, I had two sixth graders come up and tell me they didn’t feel we’ll. That’s the moment I realized the school year was really in full swing!

  4. I hope you are feeling better Ginny. My allergies are in high gear. Which tends to happen when you live in a semi-rural area with fields and fields of Golden Rod and ragweed. I’m hanging in there though.

  5. September was rough on us–we all got sick one after another. Currently, we are mostly healthy. Knock on wood.

  6. I’m afraid to even comment, lest I jinx us!! I had an awful round of allergies this summer that lasted about three weeks. So glad that’s all done with. I hope you are back to feeling 100% soon!

  7. ugh My 3 YR old just started Pre-K and it has been non stop sniffles, back and forth with both boys! Trying to teach good handwashing habits- but the younger one is 16 months! It is gonna be a rough winter!
    PS I am member of Army of Moms too!

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