Spin Cycle Prompt 9/30

You’re going to love the Spin Cycle prompt Gretchen has for us this week! Her prompt is the title of a song from All That Jazz. This week we’re going to write about the phrase:

“Everything old is new again.”

I’ve already thought of several different ways to go with this prompt! Hmm, I’m just not sure what I”ll write about on Friday…
Write YOUR Spin on “Everything old is new again” and add your link either here or at Gretchen’s any day this week. The link to your post will show up on both Lemon Drop Pie and Second Blooming.

old is the new new

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Spin Cycle last week! We’d love to have more people join The Spin Cycle! I’ll be writing about it on Facebook and Twitter this week. If you see posts or tweets by either Gretchen or me, we’d love to have you share and retweet them! We’ll be using the hashtag #SpinCycle, of course! (You do follow us on Facebook and Twitter, don’t you?)

Second Blooming


Add your Spin Cycle link HERE:

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