I’m Sad Today

One of my four year old students came into the room today and told me, “I’m sad today.”

“Why are you sad?” I asked him. But he was already distracted by the new activities we had put out in our preschool room.

I caught his eye again because I wanted to know. “Why are you sad today?”

“Because I wanted a piece of gum, and Mommy gave me a piece of gum, and then I didn’t want it anymore.”

“Oh,” I said understandably as he ran off to go play.

Busy at work!
Busy at work!

I love my job. Especially on days like today.


How Being a Field Mom Made Me a Better Preschool Teacher

When I applied for the Illinois Farm Families Field Mom program back in 2013, I hoped that my experience would enhance my teaching as a preschool teacher. I learned even more than I thought I would! Did my experience help me as a preschool teacher?

Click here to read on and find out!

Riding a combine
Learning about the GPS system in a combine

For more information about farming and some great recipes, visit Illinois Farm Families on Pinterest!
Field Mom Ambassadorsignature



If I Were Queen {Spin Cycle}

Oh, my. Usually when Gretchen and I come up with ideas for our Spin Cycle prompts, I don’t have this much trouble with an idea. I’ve been thinking about this prompt all week, and my head is blank. To make matters worse, last night I spent two hours at Lily and Emmy’s school for their Open House and was left with not much time to write. That’s what I get for procrastinating. If I were Queen of the World, there would be more hours in the day. And no deadlines. (Although as a procrastinator, deadlines are what make me actually get work done…)


Right now, I am like the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. I just want to yell “Off with their heads!” to all the troublemakers and stupid people of the world. But that really wouldn’t solve any problems, would it?

It would also be very frustrating to just be a figurehead queen; to be royal but without any power. If I were Queen, I’d want to be able to solve the world’s problems, not just wave royally from my horse-drawn carriage.

I agree with Queen VandyJ and am very happy being the Queen of my own Castle, although I have plenty of girls in my castle. Unlike Vandy, my kids WOULD borrow my raspberry crocs.

The First Decree of Queen Janice is brilliant! She is also a better poet than I’ll ever be! You NEED to go read her proclamations!

And no one is more Queenly than Queen Gretchen. She even has a crown to prove it! She also speaks with authority about belly fat, which I can really get behind. (You may all groan now.)

As for me, Queen Ginny, perhaps I should fix what really bothered me this week. Way back in March, I bought OneRepublic’s album Native because I couldn’t get enough of their song “Counting Stars.” I even wrote a Spin Cycle post about that song! This summer, radio stations have been playing a new song, “Love Runs Out,” that is on the same album I bought, only I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE on my CD. I found out why this week…they rereleased the album and added the song! As Queen, I declare this is just unfair!

On Monday, I’ll be back in my true kingdom: the preschool classroom. My little four-year old subjects will be putting on beautiful princess gowns and will be clonking around in dress-up shoes. Or they will be driving trucks without a license and ramming them into dinosaurs. Or they will be building castles of their own in the sand table, while I will royally remind them to keep the sand IN the sand box and please don’t throw the sand in the air! Instead of royal waves, I will be giving out royal stickers, royal hugs and high-fives, and royal reminders to go potty. This vlog I made a while ago pretty much sums up my role as Queen of the Preschoolers:


What would you do if YOU were Queen of the World?

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The Mitten Song

Although I do consider myself a stay-at-home mom, that’s not totally true any more. Most of you know I also teach preschool part time. I read a lot of cute books and sing songs with my preschool students, and today I’m sharing a book and some activities with you! The Mitten Song is a really easy song to sing with your kids. My students love going “ping!” Watch my vlog to see the “ping!”

View video here.

The Mitten Song

Thumbs in the thumb place, (ping!)
Fingers all together.
This is the song we sing in mitten weather!


The Summer Cold

It’s inevitable when you are the mom of two little girls AND a preschool teacher. The germs are going to catch up with you no matter how much you wash your hands and take your vitamins. It happened to me on Sunday evening.

It’s the dreaded summer cold.

Technically, it’s not summer. Our weather in Northern Illinois, however, has been beautiful. We’ve had a long stretch of warm, sunny days. Days that are perfect for throwing open the windows and letting the house air out. Lily, Emmy and I are finally getting used to our new Fall schedule. Lily has been getting used to her heavier load of third grade homework (although last night was a little rough). Emmy has taken her first spelling tests and has shown that she is going to be a great speller just like her big sister. (Spelling and I have never gotten along–they must get the spelling gene from their father!)

My job has changed as well. Last year, I taught only two mornings a week. This year, I am now teaching five days a week. Yes, it is a big change, but I love what I do!

Even though we’ve had open windows and outdoor recess and beautiful weather, when a bunch of kids start spending time together in a small space, germs start spreading. Lily had the snuffles last week, and a couple of my little students have already stayed home with a little cold. Sunday night I started to get snuffly myself. I tried to fortify myself with an extra dose of Vitamin C, but I’ve already gone through a whole box of tissues. Yesterday afternoon I got home from work, ate lunch and promptly put myself down for a nap. You can do that when you feel sick.

Fortunately, this cold seems to be pretty tame, and I’m feeling much better today. Hurray!

My new first grader and third grader, ready for the first day of school!

How are you today? I hope you have managed to dodge the summer cold germs!


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