I’m Sad Today

One of my four year old students came into the room today and told me, “I’m sad today.”

“Why are you sad?” I asked him. But he was already distracted by the new activities we had put out in our preschool room.

I caught his eye again because I wanted to know. “Why are you sad today?”

“Because I wanted a piece of gum, and Mommy gave me a piece of gum, and then I didn’t want it anymore.”

“Oh,” I said understandably as he ran off to go play.

Busy at work!
Busy at work!

I love my job. Especially on days like today.


How Being a Field Mom Made Me a Better Preschool Teacher

When I applied for the Illinois Farm Families Field Mom program back in 2013, I hoped that my experience would enhance my teaching as a preschool teacher. I learned even more than I thought I would! Did my experience help me as a preschool teacher?

Click here to read on and find out!

Riding a combine
Learning about the GPS system in a combine

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