Quirky Little Stops

It was hot in the desert, and I noticed that the teenaged boy who waved our car along was carrying a water bottle. I thought he was smart to stay hydrated on that arid day. I soon realized, however, that that was not the purpose of the water bottle after all. After we parked, he led us around the rocky ground showing us dinosaur tracks that remained behind from a long ago age. As he sprayed water on the tracks, we were able to see them better in the blazing sunlight.

dino tracks 2

This was a stop that we normally wouldn’t take the time to make on a vacation. When we were eating breakfast at our hotel, we met a couple that had stopped at the sign that read “Dinosaur Tracks” and they told us it was neat. We had some extra time, so we thought “Why not?”

dino tracks 1

Just a couple of miles outside of Tuba City, Arizona, this little Native American tourist stop is based on tips only. We thought it was neat to get out of the car and walk along the stony ground where dinosaurs used to tread.

dino tracks 3

Another fun stop on our vacation was the Four Corners, where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet. We had to pay a fee to visit this monument. Even though there is not much to see, it was fun to be in four states at one time.

Four Corners
“Four states here meet in freedom under God.”

As we were leaving Four Corners, along came the Wiener Mobile! We couldn’t pass up a chance to take a couple of pictures.

Wiener Mobile

At the end of our vacation, Ed pulled into a place on a whim….

Gus's Jerky

Let me tell you something…Gus knows how to make jerky! We bought some Cowboy Jerky, and it was quite tasty!

Do you stop at quirky little places when you’re on vacation?


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8 Replies to “Quirky Little Stops”

  1. Yes, it’s part of what I love about new places! The big obvious and the quirkly less-obvious. I would have done everything you did, and can I say that I love jerky? I do!

  2. I love those vacations where you can make unplanned stops. It is funny to see the weinermobile in the middle of the dessert. I love that you took your time exploring, sometimes we try to move to fast in this world.

  3. If I ever come that way I will have to ask you about these quirky stops! They are fantastic and exactly what I would like! My sister and I used to go on youth hostel trips and pick out the youth hostels with the funniest names. To our ears anyway!!

  4. Oh wow! This looks like a GREAT vacation. I have always wanted to see the Oscar Meyer Wiener truck. (A Random Bucket List Item). Did you road trip this vacation?

    1. We flew to Las Vegas, and then we rented a car and did a lot of driving. We were not up to driving from Chicago to Arizona…this time around! The Wienermobile was definitely a fun bonus to our trip.

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