Go, Cubs, Go!

The Cubs lost on Sunday. To Cub fans like my husband, this was not surprising. We were at the game hoping that they might be able to win it, but they lost to the Milwaukee Brewers 3-1. We didn’t know many of the players, since the Cubs have traded a lot of their well known players mid season. Ed made sure to quiz me on the retired Cub numbers, though; #26, #23, #14, #10….

Cubs vs. Brewers
Play Ball!

It was a great game for several other reasons. Lily and Emmy received a Cubs chest protector pack. It’s like a backpack, only you wear it on the front like an umpire or a catcher. They loved throwing their peanut shells on the ground. They learned how to be part of a crowd wave. These are all important things for little Cub fans to learn how to do.
And they went to a Cubs game with their die-hard Cub fan Daddy. Ed made sure we got to Wrigley Field early so that the girls could get their special orange wristbands. The first 1,000 kids with a wristband got to run around the bases at the end of the game. That is a lot of kids, but the people working after the game to get us into line assured the parents that it would go fast. Once the kids started running around the bases that line moved really fast!

Since the girls were able to go run the bases, as their dad, Ed was able to walk on the actual baseball field for the first time and see the ivy walls up close. After being a fan since he was a kid, that was pretty thrilling!

At Wrigley Field
Go Cubs Go!

As Cub fans always say, “Wait ’til next year!”

Are you a fan of any sports teams?


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12 Replies to “Go, Cubs, Go!”

  1. Aw, Cubs fans! I know many. My husband is actually going to Chicago on Thursday for business and a wedding, and to visit his alma mater.
    I have to say – I grew up in a die-hard Yankees house, but I really don’t care at all these days. I don’t actually follow it. Don’t tell my parents that, though!

  2. I have been missing stopping by for your posts. Bad old grandma type person! Great post. I love the faithfulness of true Cub fans. Of course being married to a Missouri man, we root for an arch frenemy of the Cubs, the Cards.

    1. My Dad was a Cardinals fan when I was growing up, since he went to school in St. Louis. And you’re right, my husband always claims that he hates the Cards…but he also admires them!

  3. I’m not a sports fan but being at games is always fun. I have been to a Dodgers came once and just really enjoyed myself. It looks like your family enjoyed themselves a lot 🙂

  4. I loved how you slowed it down for her to come in! So cute!

    I don’t support any sports teams, although I do love my biathlon (cross country skiing and rifle shooting) and do root for Norway usually. Even before I moved here!!

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