I’m at Sweet Peas & Buddies today!

One of my favorite things about blogging is the people I’ve connected with. Gianna and I met when we were both in the same group for a writing project called “Mommy’s Piggy Tales”. While Gi and I have never met in person, it has been so fun to be able to “know” her through the blogs that she writes! When Gi asked me to write a guest post for Sweet Peas & Buddies, I was honored.

But then by evening, hard rain began to fall—”Oh no!” Puddle protested—and by the next day, the glorious snow was gone. ~Toot & Puddle, Let it Snow, by Holly Hobbie

This winter has been exceptionally brown and drab in the Midwest where I live. There has been hardly any snow this year, but yet the chilliness of the air makes it hard to spend time outside….click here to keep reading!


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