When Will It Snow?

My girls jumped out of bed early this morning. By early, I mean really early. Early enough that Emmy thought it was still nighttime. “I’ll see you tomorrow night, Daddy!” she called out to Ed as he left for work.

“No, you’ll see him tonight,” I corrected her.

“But it’s still nighttime! It’s not tomorrow yet!” she corrected me.


As they ran to the window to wave goodbye to Ed, they said, “Did it snow yet?”

Our winter this year has been strangely devoid of that fluffy white plaything. The girls are eager to use their just-the-right-size red snow shovels. They want to put on their stiff pink snow pants, purchased back in October when I was anticipating winter. They want to be pulled around the yard in their bright green sled. They want to plop themselves down on a thick bed of snow and wave their arms and legs to make snow angels.

The one time this winter that they were able to get outside and play in the snow was one short day in December, when we barely had an inch of snow. And that snow didn’t last long. It melted the next day.

I’m trying not to complain. After all, last winter we were heartily sick of the white stuff. We had snow on the ground all winter long. In February, we had more snow than I have seen since my childhood in Central Illinois. As much as I love snow, last winter was overdoing it a bit much. But boy, we did have fun!

This whole week we have been playing outside and reveling in the warm, 50 degree weather, knowing winter will soon come to Chicago. In fact, it’s supposed to come today. The temperatures are supposed to drop drastically, and the weatherman tells us to expect 4-6 inches of snow. Emmy tells me she has a new boy in her class, who used to live in warm place and has never seen snow. She is excited for him to see snow for the first time!

So come on snow, snow!

We’re ready.

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25 Replies to “When Will It Snow?”

  1. I have been longing for the white stuff too. We finally got a little bit last night but it was the little pellet-like stuff that flies in horizontally. I am itching for big white flakes that coat the world in freshness.

  2. We haven't gotten any snow either and Abby is anxiously waiting for some! I, on the other hand, love the warmer weather and the fact that we were able to go to the zoo this week!

  3. We're all excited that we get to go to Cub Scout Winter Camp up in the CA mountains – that's the only way us So Californians get to see the white stuff!

  4. Aaah, the beautiful white stuff. But here's the funny part. You're reveling in the 50 degrees weather and the thought of 50 degrees gives me shivers! I'm a full-bred Southern California girl and we're still toward the end of our summer (clear skies and sunny). I know the girls had fun in the snow because I just saw you post it on Twitter! Although I don't wish I was there (I'm a chicken when it comes to cold weather) but I do love seeing snow in pictures :).

  5. The weather has been the same way here in PA. On one hand I've been a little disappointed because we got Adaline a snowsuit and boots and a sled in anticipation that this would be her first year playing in the snow. On the other hand with the baby due in 3 weeks I'd rather not have to dig the car out of the snow and drive to the hospital going 5 miles an hour. We got snow last night but we still didn't take Adaline outside since all 3 of us already have runny noses πŸ™ Oh well.

  6. "Emmy tells me she has a new boy in her class, who used to live in warm place and has never seen snow." — Oh, what a neat experience! I didn't experience true, inches-on-the-ground snow until I was an adult, and it was surreal for this California girl. My kids just love snow, and even though I'd still prefer a warm place by the fire, I get such a kick watching them revel in it πŸ™‚

  7. I am a new follower. My girls shot out of bed Thursday morning when I told them no school, sleep in. They just had to see the snow! And we live in Missouri … so last year we definitely had plenty of it (13 snow days to be exact). Enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to reading more!

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